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  • A lot of great environments.
  • Fantastically strange atmosphere.
  • Surreal, unsettling level design.


  • Confusing map.
  • AI allies are bad at fighting.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Gaming Nexus on 80

Zeno Clash II isn't as clean or unified as your average AAA title, but then again Zeno Clash II doesn't follow that well-worn path. It sacrifices safe mainstream conventions to explore its singularly strange world, and offers up a solid if not...

By PCGamer on 67

First time around, raw novelty was enough to make the experience feel special – but this sequel needed to expand on that. In losing focus, it’s lost much of the charm.

By Realm of Gaming on 85

PCWe are animal. We've created technology that extends the everyman's conscience into an interconnected web of networks, let's us communicate instantly, spread ideas, and start revolutions. With that same technologies we've also created...

By Gaming Age on 54

CommentIf the Conan and Star Wars universes had a baby, it would be called Zeno Clash. The game takes place on Zenozoik, a planet sometimes similar to Tatooine, with bars and buildings like those of Mos Eisley (the city with the bar where ‘Greedo...

By New Game Network on 75

Zeno Clash 2 is a clear improvement over its predecessor. The world of Zenozoik can be fully appreciated for the first time. The open levels suit the action better and the world feels alive. Mission variety is poor but the combat is well realised with...

By EuroGamer on 50

For filler, that's why. In a game of such lean concept this is simply adding clunk, like bulking up a salad with sawdust. There are incredible things in the world of Zenozoik and yet it is bare; in attempting to go big, Zeno Clash 2 only ends up feeling empty.

By GameSpot on 55

This, plus the off-putting way that Zeno Clash II tosses you onto an ice floe in the middle of a sea of insanity, where you can't identify with the characters, understand the plot, or even figure out exactly what or where you are, makes it easier to appreciate the game's crazy attitude than to actually enjoy the act of playing it.

By Geimaku on 30

This game is only for the hardcore of the hardcore. Gamers willing to learn this game extreme battle system might find a good game but the bad audio, subpar graphics, boring characters and a story that does not start until I can actually figure out the hardcore battle system I have no choice.

By Softpedia on 70

The game could have been quite impressive but these negative aspects weigh it down, not to mention a few glitches in terms of AI and the tough difficulty even on normal.

By IncGamers on 70

ACE Team’s creativity and imagination are still reflected in the marvellous world design and narrative, but the less responsive brawling is the main reason that Zeno Clash II is a game I merely like, when it’s one I dearly wanted to love.

By GameSpot on 55

Just like its predecessor, Zeno Clash II is a mediocre first-person brawler memorable mainly for its psychedelic storytelling and...

By AtomicGamer on 60

The brawling is fun, the AI is bad, the voice acting's worse, and the graphics depict some of the weirdest things you'll see in a first person video game. Zeno Clash II isn't amazing, but for twenty bucks, it gets the job done - if only barely.

By Co-Optimus on 50

The combat system is better, even if the battles are a little unfair but, you can toss in a co-op partner for some balance. I can’t say that Zeno Clash 2 is for everyone but, if you do taste this primordial stew you will find a ton of originality with little focus.

By ZTGD on 75

Sure, the story is overly strange and the overall plot is a little out there, but beating the absolute crap out of humanoid beasts and birds never really gets old. There is some fun to be had in Zeno Clash 2 as long as you keep an open mind when it comes to certain mechanics and the outlandish story.

By technologytell.com on

I usually like the games Atlus publishes. They've got a great catalog of games that is continually growing in all regards of games. However, Zeno Clash 2 is not one of those games. Don't get me wrong. It was full of potential, as the quirky...

By NowGamer on 85

Given time and a heftier budget, there’s no reason to doubt that Ace Team could make the fundamental stuff work in a proper open world setting, full of sidequests and odd characters to converse with. As long as they keep the piledriver.

By IGN on 64

If Zeno Clash is a borderline psychedelic trip, Zeno Clash II is a flashback to that same delightfully bizarre world. What worked in 2009's original first-person brawler works here as well, but inadequate maps, strange combat balancing, and several other quirks make it hard to call the sequel a substantial improvement beyond its new areas and creatures.

By GameTrailers on 73

People in Zenozoik do not like to repeat themselves, and you may forget what you're doing. Your will feel confused because your way will be blocked. You will wander around, and you may feel like punching something. Because you will feel this feeling, it's good that there is always something for you to punch.

By GamesRadar on 50

Though the bizarre story and satisfying combat will keep you entertained, you'll spend a majority of Zeno Clash 2 wishing you were figuratively lost in the world while you're literally lost in it. It's a charming game, but you'll spend less time fighting the grotesque foes that make up Zenozoik, and more time wrestling with poor game design...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Schade eigentlich, denn die raue Fantasy-Welt ZenoZoik mit ihren bizarren Bewohnern setzt sich wohltuend vom Gros der Spiele ab. Und auch die Idee, ein Prügelspiel aus der Ego-Perspektive zu präsentieren, ist und bleibt ein erfrischender...