Cooler Master GX 450W

  • Cooler Master GX 450W
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  • Reasonably affordable.
  • Coolermaster isn't trying to sneak this past us as an 80 Plus Bronze unit.
  • Shallow enough to be an easier fit in smaller cases.


Expert reviews and ratings

By APH Networks on

Generally for the average consumer, specific brands are chosen over others; whether it may be due to customer satisfaction, personal experience, external influence, etc. Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? Canon or Nikon? Cooler Master or Thermaltake? The...

By JonnyGuru on 80

Is the GX450 the best unit I've ever seen in my time doing these reviews? No, it isn't. But we really have to look at what Coolermaster is trying to accomplish with this unit: they want to offer people without a lot of money the chance to build...

By on 75

A good budget offering from CoolerMaster, but they will have to fight hard for it to be seen in such a crowded...

By Hardware Secrets on

The Cooler Master GX 450 W is a good mainstream power supply, with high efficiency (between 81.3% and 86.4%), very good voltage regulation, and low noise and ripple levels. It is very important to understand that the 450 W model uses a completely...

By Pro-Clockers on

We tested the Cooler Master GX 450 with the new Nvidia GTX 550 Ti that is factory overclocked and the power supply meet the challenge and came out on top. If this unit can power the likes of our test bench it can easily conquer HTPC and smaller...

By Pureoverclock on

The Cooler Master GX 450 has a few things going for it right off the bat. The aesthetics aren't terribly conservative (frankly, the huge magenta stenciling is rather off-putting) but the matte black finish should fit handsomely into any case. There...

By Club Overclocker on 90

I'm very impressed with the GX450. I honestly didn't think a 450w power supply would power my machine. It had no problems with my machine, even after some intense Call of Duty: Black Ops battles. I would like to point out that CoolerMaster...

International Review By CowcotLand on

Cooler Master et les alimentations, on connait. Et chez CM, pour dire qu'une alimentation n'est pas chère, mais quand même bien, on utilise les lettres GX, comme le modèle en 450 watts que nous testons ce jour. Un modèle qui a l'intérêt...

International Review By on

For litt over ett år siden gjorde Cooler Master et stort støt inn i strømforsyningsmarkedet, der kampen om benet allerede er utrolig stor. De lanserte blant annet deres GX-serie, der målet var å tilby rimelig og god kraft, uten...

International Review By Pc Tuner on

Arriviamo ora alle conclusioni di questa recensione che ci ha permesso di provare ed analizzare con cura questo nuovo prodotto Cooler Master. L’azienda ha deciso di affiancare un’altra unità a quelle, più potenti, già presenti...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

A Cooler Master GX 450 W é uma boa fonte de alimentação que apresenta alta eficiência (entre 81,3% e 86,4%), ótima regulação de tensão e baixos níveis de oscilação e ruído.É importante...

International Review By Sabios del PC on 70

Tras probar con anterioridad la versión más potente, en esta ocasión se ha optado por probar la versión más básica y con menor potencia de la gama GX, concretamente esta GX 450W.Como era de esperar no hemos podido evitar...