Kingwin Lazer Gold LZG-850 850W

  • Kingwin Lazer Gold LZG-850 850W
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  • Ripple suppression, efficient, modular, stable regulation, affordable, silent running.
  • Price, Gold Certified, Blue LEDs, Quiet, Solid Voltages, Very Efficient Even Under 100% Load, Whopping 70A 12v Rail.
  • Clean stable power delivery, 850 watts, Ultra quiet operation, Overall compact size, Modular cables, EZGrip Connectors, Adequate cable length and number of varying connectors, Variable speed cooling fan with automatic temperature sensor, Excellent build q


  • Uh... they aren't free?.
  • Only 1 12v rail

Expert reviews and ratings

By Pro-Clockers on

In our testing we found the Kingwin Lazer Gold 850 watt power supply to be very solid and reliable. We all may not require huge wattage power units to feed our rigs, but if you do or think you will in the future, this one is a real winner. Depending...

By JonnyGuru on 97

Kingwin continues to impress with the Lazer Gold series in the 850W model. It does a lot of things right, and almost nothing wrong. Are there better models? Sure, but you're going to pay for them. At this price, with this performance, Kingwin should...

By OverclockersQH on

This psu performed incredibly well, it remained rock solid throughout the testing. I was very impressed with the numbers and the minimal fluctuation between load and idle This power supply comes with a ton of features which should make any gamer or...

By Overclocker Cafe on

Throughout testing we saw less than 1% deviation from spec with output. The variable speed 140mm blue LED fan never became overly loud or irritating regardless of room temperature or load condition. As I have become fond of doing, I heated things up...

By Club Overclocker on 90

Kingwin's Lazer 850 is a very good power supply. Not all of us are going to have systems that require 1000+ watts of power so I'm glad to see that Kingwin has focused their attention to efficiency versus raw power. Obtaining the 80 plus Gold...