NZXT HALE90-850-M 850W

  • NZXT HALE90-850-M 850W
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  • Delivered full power at over 47°C, Very high efficiency, Within 3% voltage regulation at 12V & 5V, Great ripple suppression, Ultra silent fan, Nice looks, Five years warranty, Flat modular cables
  • Modular cable design, Extra long cables for bottom, mount PSUs, Case for unused cables, All cables are labeled, Impressive build quality, 5 year warranty
  • The black on white color scheme works for me, efficient, even in the hot box, low ripple and noise, very stable when the heat comes on.


  • No MOV in the transient filtering stage, Many hardwired cables, Only half of the PCIe connectors have 8pins
  • Iderably more expensive than similarly rated PSUs, 550W version does not include modular cable designProduct Video:

Expert reviews and ratings

By techPowerUp! on 90

If you must have a white PSU then definitely this is the unit for you! Putting jokes aside, the HALE90 850W is a great performer. Voltage regulation at +12V is close to 1.6%, ripple suppression is great, efficiency is high at all load combinations and...

By PCPer on

The NZXT HALE90 850W PSU delivered very good voltage regulation with clean outputs and excellent efficiency. The HALE90 850W PSU is very quiet at low to mid power levels, includes a good assortment of both fixed and modular cables/connectors, and...

By on

If you're looking for a high-end power supply unit you can't go wrong with the NZXT HALE90 series, assuming you don't mind paying a premium . These units range from $99 USD for the 550W version to $199 USD for the 1000W version. An...

By Overclock3D on 88

So, here we are. It's time to sum up everything we've seen over the past few pages and try to draw some kind of bottom line conclusion on whether the NZXT Hale 850w is a wolf in sheeps clothing, or just a sheep abused by its farmer.Starting with...

By JonnyGuru on 90

NZXT has gone fishing in the pond of power supplies and caught themselves a winner here today. The Hale90 850 watt unit is a very stable, very efficient, and very powerful example of power supply engineering, and there is absolutely no reason why you...

By Hardware Secrets on

The new NZXT HALE90-850-M comes to compete directly with the OCZ Z Series 850 W: both are 80 Plus Gold models, have a modular cabling system, and a single +12 V rail. The HALE90-850-M has as big advantage its price, currently being USD 15 cheaper than...

International Review By on

Om man letar efter ett avancerat nätaggregat kan man inte gå fel med NZXT HALE90-serien, förutsatt att man inte har något emot att betala en hel del pengar. Dessa enheter varierar från $99 USD för 550W-versionen till $199...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Resultan unas fuentes muy completas, no les podemos encontrar ninguna pega, por lo que hará las delicias de los usuarios que quieran una excelente fuente para un sistema mutliGPU serio. Eso sí, no se trata de una serie...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

A NZXT lançou recentemente uma série de fontes de alimentação com certificação 80 Plus Gold chamada HALE90 cujos modelos possuem sistema de cabeamento modular e projeto com um único barramento de +12 V. Vejamos como o...