SilverStone SFX Form Factor 450W

  • SilverStone SFX Form Factor 450W
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  • SFX form factor with ATX adapter bracket.
  • 450W continuous DC output at 50C.
  • 36A on 12V rail with dual PCIE connectors.


  • Cables may be short if used in a standard ATX chassis.
  • Doesn't live up to the performance expectations of a full size ATX (PS2) sized power supply.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCPer on

The SilverStone ST45SF is a good SFX form factor power supply. It has many of the features that you would expect from larger ATX enthusiast PSUs like a painted chassis and sleeved cables. The power supply delivered good voltage regulation with good...

By JonnyGuru on 80

This week, a very small package came was dropped off on my doorstep by FedEx. At first I thought it was more Gloria Jean's coffee for the Keurig coffee maker, but it turns out that SilverStone's latest SFX power supply was inside of this...

By K.S. Studios on 90

The ST45SF is another win for SilverStone. The PSU is a high quality product that definitely fills a void in the SFF market by providing options for those that wish to build a tiny PC crammed with a lot of components. After testing the PSU in our SG05...

By VR-Zone on 88

During our stay in Taipei, almost every hardware maker we visited were asking whether we'd gotten our hands on a particular dual CPU Mother-of-all-Motherboards. The product that has been causing such a stir in Taiwan's computer hardware industry...

International Review By mato78 on

Pieneen kokoonsa nähden Silverstone ST45SF 450W SFX -virtaläteessä riittää potkua erittäin hyvin, jopa testikoneenamme toimineen Core i7-975XE:n tarpeille, XFX:n Radeon HD 5870 -näytönohjain mukaan luettuna....

International Review By on 92

ST45SF har en samlet kapacitet på 450 Watt, og præstere rigtig gode resultater i testen. Den er tiltænkt de mindre kabinetter, hvor pladsen er snæver. Mini-ITX kabinetter kommer ofte med en præmonteret strømforsyning med en...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Fuentes en formato SFX no se ven todos los días, y menos con esta calidad. SilverStone no suele defraudar, y en este caso tampoco. Huelga decir que la SST-ST45SF de 450 W no será una PSU para todos los públicos, más que nada porque...

International Review By TheLab on 85

Σκηνή 1η] Χτυπάει το κουδούνι της πόρτας και με το...