SilverStone Strider Plus Modular 850W

  • SilverStone Strider Plus Modular 850W
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  • Up to 850W DC output.
  • Rated at 40C.
  • Very good efficiency (80Plus Silver certified).


  • Loud fan under load.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCPer on

The SilverStone Strider Plus 850W power supply delivers clean DC outputs with good efficiency and excellent voltage regulation. Under normal operating conditions the Strider Plus 850W PSU is very quiet. The Strider comes with a good assortment of...

By HardwareHeaven on 100

One of the best selling points of the Strider Plus 850W power supply is its high quality. SilverStone chose a very good OEM, great components and the manufacturing quality is great. It also is a very aesthetically pleasing product with a very...

By InsideHW on

Silverstone has presented the market with the Strider Plus series. Compared to the previous series, without the “Plus” in the name, the differences are numerous, the biggest one being that the Strider Plus only has one +12V rail, whereas the...

By Bjorn3D on 80

If you have used Silverstone Power Supplies in the past, then you know Silverstone had their older Strider Series power supplies ranging from 350W to 1500W. These PSUs also ranged from non-certified PSUs to 80Plus Silver Certified on the 1500W power...

By Hardware Canucks on

As prices for quality power supplies fall, products that were once out of reach are now accessible to consumers who are on a budget. With the ever-increasing power demands of the most modern components, 850W PSUs have become one of the “sweet spots”...

By K.S. Studios on 80

In our testing, the voltages were right on target. The system was put on a 100% CPU load for many hours to test stability of the voltages. The PC was monitored with CPUID Hardware Monitor. Voltages remained almost dead-on with nary a fluctuation to be...

International Review By on

Strider Plus 850W จาก SilverStone ตัวนี้ ก็เป็นอีกหนึ่ง PSU...

International Review By on 95

Det er ved at være et godt stykke tid siden vi sidst har kigget på en strømforsyning fra den kendte producent SilverStone. Rent faktisk skal vi helt tilbage en den første PSU vi testede her på iTrends, som også var en PSU i...

International Review By PcHS.IT on 80

Dopo aver visto le caratteristiche del Silverstone Strider Plus 850W concludiamo con alcuni test che riguardano le prestazioni della PSU. Iniziamo con il test lineare che riporta la regolazione dei voltaggi sulle linee da +12V, +5V e +3,3V; i valori...

International Review By PCBrain on 90

Concludendo la recensione dello Strider Plus 850W dobbiamo ammettere che Silverstone ha realizzato nuovamente un ottimo prodotto. Lo Strider Plus si è dimostrato infatti un PSU molto stabile anche in condizioni di carico elevato, per non parlare...

International Review By on

Silverstone Strider Plus 850 W er nok en strømforsyning som føyer seg inn i rekken blant de enhetene som så absolutt vil gjøre jobben. Alle resultatene vi opparbeider i løpet av testperioden, viser at dette er en helt grei og...

International Review By PC-Max on

Das Strider ST85F von Silverstone konnte als erstes getestetes Netzteil mit unserem neuen Testsystem überzeugen. Zwar zeigen die Ripple & Noise Werte hier und da starke Spitzen, doch insgesamt liegen sie in den vorgegebenen ATX Guide Toleranzen.Die...