Sparkle Gold Class 80PLUS GW-EPS1000DA 1000W

  • Sparkle Gold Class 80PLUS GW-EPS1000DA 1000W
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  • Plenty of power output, Cables were flexible enough to make sharp radius turns, More then enough power cables/plugs to accommodate some of the largest computers out there, Gold rating of 80


Expert reviews and ratings

By Bjorn3D on 80

The Sparkle Gold Class PSU is capable of powering our testbench properly. The use of plated power connectors, in line capacitors was a positive factor. Another positive aspect of this PSU is the modular design and the flexibility of the cables; both...

By Overclockers Online on

And there we have it, the Sparkle Gold Class 1000w power supply and I have to say I am impressed. While the appearance isnt my cup of tea, it wouldnt exactly be fair to take off points for personal taste. But whether or not one agrees with...

By ComputerPowerUser on 90

Power supplies are the unsung heroes of dependable enthusiast PCs. Processors, GPUs, and SSDs get all of the glory. Theyre the components speeding up your operating system boot time. They improve frame rates, making your games more realistic. And they...

By Tech Arkade on 100

Performance:The performance aspect of this power supply is by far the most important part. It provides TONS of power, and should be more than enough for nearly everybody. More importantly, it only provides the power you need. There is no wasted power,...