Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800W

  • Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800W
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  • IPower meter is a great gadget.
  • Handled full power at over 50C ambient.
  • Good ripple/noise suppression.


  • IPower Meter increases price significantly.
  • Voltage and efficiency measurements of iPower meter are innacurate.

Expert reviews and ratings

By techPowerUp! on 88

Without any doubt the most impressive characteristic of the Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800 W is the iPower Meter. With this little device, which mounts in a 5.25" bay, you can be informed in real time about the watts, amps, voltages and efficiency of...

By JonnyGuru on 90

and scoringTo summarize, we have a semi-modular 1200W power supply that is not very large. The aethetics are fairly basic. There are no bright colors, although the gold in the label and cable sleeving is a bit out of the norm and does cause this...

By Atomic MPC on 93

A solid PSU debut from a famed memory...

By TechwareLabs on

Thunderbolt Plus 800w, Lighting in a bottle, or static on the carpet?: Many manufacturers fight to take the very important spot of power supply when it comes to powering your all star rig, many with aspirations far beyond their means. A relativity...

By JonnyGuru on 90

Thortech has stepped out of the box with the Thunderbolt Plus 800W Gold power supply. Being the first to offer a digital control panel with the unit. I feel that its going to be a feature that others will soon copy. This unit uses a resonant...

By Hardware Secrets on

The new Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800 W is good power supply, and its interesting digital power meter will make a lot of enthusiasts dreaming on having this unit.However, there are two points that we don’t know about this unit yet: price and...

By VR-Zone on 95

Much unlike a decade ago when enthusiasts only had a couple of high quality power supply units (PSU) to choose from, there are tens of companies competing for a piece of the power supply market these days. Most of the original PSU manufacturers still...

By Pureoverclock on

The THORTECH THUNDERBOLT 80+ GOLD 800W is a sleek power supply that delivers solid features and good performance when heavily loaded with a case full of power-hungry components. From a feature standpoint, the accessories included in this package are...

International Review By Technic3D on 90

Das GeiL Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800W bietet nicht nur alles was ein modernes Netzteil braucht, sondern beinhaltet viele Zugaben die in diesem Umfang nur selten zu finden sind. Die beiliegende Anzeigeeinheit ist dabei mehr als eine nette Spielerei,...

International Review By AwardFabrik on 100

Das Thortech Thunderbolt PLUS 800W hinterlässt einen klasse Eindruck. Die Werte im Gesamten gesehen sind sehr gut, Spannungen und Verbrauch sind oben angesiedelt. Die Lautstärke bleibt konstant in einem niedrigen Bereich. Die Verarbeitung ist...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Zu jedem Netzteil-Test senden die Hersteller ihre Test-Produkte ein. Manchmal jedoch mit Verspätung – sei es wegen des Zolls oder einfach, weil gerade keines zur Hand war. Dreien dieser Nachzügler widmen wir einen gesonderten Artikel. Bei fast jedem...

International Review By Noticias 3D on

Nos ha sorprendido gratamente que una marca desconocida como Thortech haya cuidado con tanto mimo un producto tan manido y convencional como una fuente de alimentación. A las habituales características de gama alta, se le suma una...

International Review By Clube do Hardware on

A nova Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800 W é uma boa fonte de alimentação, e seu wattímetro digital instigará o desejo dos entusiastas. No entanto, existem duas coisas que ainda não sabemos sobre esta fonte: preço e...