AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz Socket FM2+

  • AMD A10-7850K 3.7GHz Socket FM2+
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The A10-7850K is the latest flagship of AMD's brand new range of APUs, codenamed 'Kaveri'. As the successor to last year's Richland APUs, Kaveri includes new CPU cores based on AMD's 'Steamroller' architecture, plus a Radeon R7 series GPU integrated onto the die, four x86-64 cores clocked as high as 3.7 GHz, pushing up to 4 GHz as part of the APU's Turbo mode.

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By TechSpot on -

Although the Steamroller cores in AMD's Kaveri-based A8-7600 APU brought a notable boost in CPU efficiency, it felt like the company was mostly focused on gaming performance with last month's update. The A8-7600 wasn't much faster than last year's...

By Modders-Inc on -

I have been a fan of both AMD and Intel for years. Each has their strengths and weaknesses.AMD has shifted focus from a pure performance standpoint to an overall system experience with the new APU line up. AMD continues to make strides in their...

By eTeknix on -

AMD's Kaveri K Series APUs have a wealth of untapped performance potential: out of the box they come with a modest 720MHz GPU core clock speed, yet anyone who has toyed with AMD APUs in the past knows there's going to be a lot of overclocking headroom....

By Hi Tech Legion on -

“Kaveri” is the codename for AMD's newest version of their A-Series processors. This update brings two A10 series SKUs that are both unlocked. We tested the A10-7850K, which has an updated graphics core based on the “Hawaii” GPU. What this means is we...

By Computer Shopper on 50

AMD’s latest high-end APU is a serviceable option for budget-strapped gamers, but many of its new hardware features rely on software that just isn’t ready yet—and similarly priced Intel chips hold a strong lead on CPU performance and power...

By Benchmark Reviews on -

Catalyst 14.1 Beta was released, but wasn't quite ready for prime time. Catalyst 14.2 Beta is better. You can download the Beta drivers from AMD's website now and I'm going to tell you why you should. I've tested the Catalyst 14.2 Beta drivers and the...

By Guru of 3D on -

If you take away a high-end gaming rig from your mindset and understand what AMD is bringing to the table with Kaveri, then you should be impressed. It is a rather bold move for AMD to focus more on the IGP side of things rather then CPU performance. I...

By eTeknix on -

AMD's Kaveri APUs are dependent on system memory. The easiest way to explain this dependency is by thinking of the GPU on the Kaveri APU as a graphics card, but with one significant difference – on its own it has no video memory. The video memory the...

By eTeknix on -

If you follow our website and the technology industry more broadly then you may have heard a lot about Kaveri since it was officially launched on January 14th 2014. Kaveri is the codename for AMD's fourth generation of desktop APU (Accelerated Processing...

By eTeknix on -

Kaveri represents another significant step forward for integrated graphics performance but realistically it still isn't even on the same playing field as true discrete graphics solutions which aren't as limited by memory bandwidth or physical space....

By PCGamer on 81

The A10-7850K is simply not a worthy basis for a full gaming rig with a decent discrete GPU. The price difference between it and an i5 4570 isn’t that great, and even less between it and an eight-core FX-8350. For a small form factor, low-cost PC though, running in integrated graphics alone, it will give you impressive gaming performance without the need for a full GPU.

By hardCOREware on -

Another day, another Kaveri article! If you haven't yet, be sure to first read our full Kaveri review , then perhaps move on to see how it performs when overclocked to 4.7 GHz with 1020 MHz GPU. Also if you're curious, you may want to check out how...

By on -

AMD's A10-7850K represents the very best APU of this generation. Design decisions taken years ago mean that while the architecture of the CPU and GPU components is arguably better than last-generation Richland (A10-6800K), this new Kaveri APU is not...

By on 75

£126 (inc VAT) £110 (inc VAT)Our first exposure to AMD's new Kaveri APUs came, rather peculiarly, in the form of the as yet unreleased , as the top of the range A10 samples were in short supply. However, we've now got hold of both top end parts,...

By Expert Reviews on 80

A good processor with great graphics performance, but it isn’t significantly faster than the...

By hardCOREware on -

Earlier this week, we looked at how overclocking Kaveri's CPU to 4.7 GHz affected performance in various CPU-only (or mostly) tests as well as gaming with a dedicated graphics card. The goal of that type of overclock was to find out exactly how the CPU...

By hardCOREware on -

Update : This is a “pure CPU” overclocking article, and only looks at CPU performance – gaming tests are done with a dedicated video card. If you are wondering how Kaveri performs when overclocked fully – CPU at 4.7 GHz and GPU at 1020 MHz, check out...

By TomsHardware on -

Fortunately, this platform doesn’t have to be programmed to specifically. AMD just needs ISVs to adopt OpenCL 2.0. From there, the merits of HSA should become more apparent. We look forward to watching the saga unfold.

By Phoronix on 80

For those strict open-source Linux users, you will likely need to wait some months before being satisfied with the open-source support, or just cave and use the AMD Catalyst driver the first few months. Thanks again to AMD for getting out the Kaveri review sample and stay tuned for the exciting benchmark results.

By HardcoreWare on 80

The GPU overclock was even more impressive, at 1020 MHz. The fact that you can get this kind of speed without paying a premium should be a major point of consideration for potential users. This kind of overclock almost certainly makes up for the lack of pure clock performance compared to the competition. Results vary though, so keep that in mind.