AMD Athlon 2 X2 260 3.2GHz Socket AM3

  • AMD Athlon 2 X2 260 3.2GHz Socket AM3
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  • Excellent price/performance ratio, AM3/AM2 compatibility, Great Overclocker, DDR3 support, Efficient 45nm process, Virtualization Support.


  • No notable flaws

Expert reviews and ratings

By Tom's Hardware on

Benchmarking 86 CPUs takes a while. After long last, though, we have 51 models from AMD and 35 from Intel tested in our current suite. If you want to know how your processor sizes up to its competition, you'll find plenty of comparison data...

By BeHardware on

Dealing with current news means that we rarely have the opportunity to review old products and of course a comparison between the most recent products and those that came out several years ago can get a little problematic. But we’ve decided to push...

By TechwareLabs on

For a budget chip, the 255 and 260 perform well. The cutting of the L3 cache is disappointing, but understandable as a means of cutting production costs. The price difference between them is only about $10 and that still puts both of them cheaper...

By Benchmark Reviews on 93

The Athlon-II X2-260 ADX260OCK23GM performed very well against its predecessor, the Athlon-II X2-255. When overclocked to 3.6GHz the performance improved quite a bit, and even outpaced a stock X3-445 in many multi-threaded operations. When it comes...

By Legit Reviews on

Performance, Price, only seventy six little bucks, and capable of breaking the 4GHz barrier while overclocking on air! What more could you want out of a chip aimed at the budget orientated crowd!...

By PCPer on

Groundbreaking? No. Unprecedented? Not even close. A nice increase in performance all the while pushing prices down? Definitely. Things can get a bit crowded on a m-ATX motherboard with full size video cards. AMD is milking the Athlon...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

AMD introduceerde eerder dit jaar haar A6 en A8 Llano processors en Intel heeft haar lijn Sandy Bridge processors flink uitgebreid. Aan de vooravond van de introductie van high-end Intel Sandy Bridge-E en de AMD FX processors is het tijd om opnieuw de...

International Review By Présence PC on

Il y a environ 7 ans, l’optimisation des architectures (modification de l'IPC) ainsi que la montée en fréquence étaient les deux seules approches possibles pour faire progresser les performances. Sur le plan théorique, ces dernières ont depuis...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

De afgelopen twee jaar is er veel gebeurd in processorland: nieuwe series, nieuwe sockets, de eerste chips met geïntegreerde videokaart en ga zo maar door. Begin volgend jaar komen Intel en AMD weer met nieuwe processorseries. Tijd dus om de balans...

International Review By Présence PC on

Après avoir réuni sept des processeurs les plus attractifs à moins de 150 euros, nous avons donc voulu voir quel modèle offrait le meilleur rapport performances/prix, mais aussi l’écart de performances entre les premiers prix de notre sélection (80...

International Review By CHW on

A pesar de que aún no podemos tomar una conclusión definitiva ya que tenemos pendiente el apartado de overclock, es posible decir que AMD renueva buena sangre sus líneas Athlon II, con cuatro procesadores orientados a diferentes mercados...