AMD E-350 1.6GHz Socket 1155

  • AMD E-350 1.6GHz Socket 1155
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  • Low power, Better performance than Intel Atom & Nvidia ION.


  • Doesn't scale well with external 3D cards

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By iXBT Labs on

This time we'd like to offer you the summarized test results of as many as 71 processors. This generally marks the end of the year, not the end of another test method's life cycle (like the last time). We believe this summary contains all important...

By Fudzilla on

Overall both boards did well. While the performance is similar in multi-threaded application (except WinRAR where AMD is miles ahead) the AMD E-350 shines in the single-threaded...

By BeHardware on

Announced in summer 2006 on AMD’s buyout of ATI, the Fusion strategy has at last concretised itself with the release of the first APUs. What they’re called has changed (back in the day AMD was talking about Media Processing Units) but the basic...

By on

Overall, this is a big win for Intel. The new processors are faster and offer lower processing power than their Lynnfield counterparts and those are positive developments in the server space. Processors like the Xeon E3-1260L will be very popular in the...

By Phoronix on

When it came to building Apache using GCC 4.4 with the job count set dynamically by the Phoronix Test Suite to twice the number of CPU cores, the dual-core Fusion E-350 setup was noticeably faster than the Atom 330 even though this low-power Intel...

By iXBT Labs on

Those who thought the Brazos platform would be revolutionary might be disappointed because it's not. The new solution is, without a doubt, slightly faster than Pine Trail, but it belongs to the same class in terms of processor performance. Neither...

By The Tech Report on

In terms of size, power draw, CPU performance, and price, AMD's E-350 APU is the same class of solution as Intel's dual-core Pine Trail Atom. Everything we've seen in the preceding pages has made that fact abundantly clear. Full-sized desktop processors...

By on 70

This isn’t our first time looking at the new AMD Fusion APU; our review for the Zotac Zbox AD03 has been up for a couple of weeks already. However, the Zbox AD03 review focused on the HTPC as a whole; today I’ll be looking at the AMD E-350 APU in...

International Review By on

Procesor 2-rdzeniowy, taktowany zegarem o częstotliwości bazowej 1600 MHz oraz współczynniku TDP wynoszącym 18 W.OpisSpecyfikacja i wyniki Zobacz pełny ranking:Procesory mobilneOpis produktu w przygotowaniuPorównywarka produktówWybierz 2 lub 3 produkty...

International Review By Tom's Hardware on

Low-Power PC-Plattformen eignen sich generell nicht fürs Gaming. Wir haben dennoch ein AMD- und Intel-System mit verschiedenen 3D-Spielen gequält. Die Ergebnisse sind nicht revolutionär, sorgen aber für die eine oder andere angenehme Überraschung....

International Review By on

После проведённого тестирования мы находимся под сильным впечатлением от интеловского процессора Core i3-2100T. Хочется надеяться, что он не был чрезмерно перехвален выше, на протяжении всего материала, и вы не сочтёте всё сказанное о нём за проплаченную...

International Review By Hardware France on

AMD E-350 : Fusion et les solutions Mini-ITXpar Guillaume LouelPublié le 4 Février 2011 Il aura fallu beaucoup de temps à AMD pour proposer enfin une déclinaison Fusion de ses processeurs. Le die commun Ontario/Zacate gravé par TSMC, s’il a mis du...