AMD Phenom 2 X4 910e 2.6GHz Socket AM3

  • AMD Phenom 2 X4 910e 2.6GHz Socket AM3
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  • Runs cool, 65W TDP, Overclock very well (with higher voltage), Quad core
  • Slightly lower power draw than comparable Intel CPUs; compatible with AM3 and older AM2+ mainboards; decent performance for the price


  • Price
  • Despite the 910e's four cores, Intel’s dual-core Core i5-661 generally does better, even in multithreaded-app tests

Expert reviews and ratings

By Tom's Hardware on

Benchmarking 86 CPUs takes a while. After long last, though, we have 51 models from AMD and 35 from Intel tested in our current suite. If you want to know how your processor sizes up to its competition, you'll find plenty of comparison data...

By SilentPC Review on

Processor Value To judge performance/value, we gave all our timed benchmarks equal weighting with the top performer, the Core i5-750, given a score of 100 on our performance scale. Similarly, the CPU that delivered the best performance per dollar,...

By TechwareLabs on

AMD’s stated goal with the 910e was to bring us a high-performance CPU that stays light on the power draw. While the synthetic benchmarks rank it behind Intel’s comparable offerings by a small margin, those benchmarks don’t tell the...

By PCStats on 80

AMD's 2.6GHz Phenom II X4 910e processor does a lot to curb the Phenom II's family reputation for being hot and power hungry. The quad-core 910e is actually a bit of a lightweight, it's got some great power consumption figures that keep its...

By on 80

The AMD Phenom II X4 910e is an interesting chip. This processor costs about the same as the faster chip with higher power consumption. The 60 watts of power saved by the Phenom II X4 910e may not seem a lot, it will adds up over the lifespan of the...

By Pureoverclock on

There are a few observations and conclusions we can draw from today's results. The first is that the Intel Core chips tend to chew up the competition in synthetic benchmarks if they are quad-core CPUs. The budget i3 is a dual core with...

By ExtremeTech on

There's no question that AMD's pricing strategy with these five new chips was aggressive and intelligent, with all the CPUs except the Phenom II X4 910e priced below Intel's recent Core i5 and Core i3 offerings. But, at least in our tests,...

By Neoseeker on

Let's talk right away about performance. I can not hide the fact that the Athlon II has an awesome computing power for its cost. Unfortunately, games do not look to be exploiting it; they run significantly better on the Core i3 which sells for only...

By Legit Reviews on

The AMD Phenom II 910e is a solid performing chip if only looking at the benchmarks. If you couple that with the low power consumption and temperatures you have a winning combination....

By Overclockers Club on

With the testing done, we can see that the new versions of the Athlon II and Phenom II processors offer some of a performance increase, and if you are looking to upgrade from the less core processors to the higher core count ones, then I suggest to go...

By Computer Shopper on 79

The Phenom II X4 910e is a decently performing CPU for the price, but Intel’s recent Core i5 offering, though about $40 more, bests this CPU despite having half the cores....

International Review By Hardware.Info on

De afgelopen twee jaar is er veel gebeurd in processorland: nieuwe series, nieuwe sockets, de eerste chips met geïntegreerde videokaart en ga zo maar door. Begin volgend jaar komen Intel en AMD weer met nieuwe processorseries. Tijd dus om de balans...

International Review By on

Der AMD Phenom II X4 910e zeigte den bis dato niedrigsten Stromverbrauch aller AMD-CPUs im Test. Ob der Quad-Core auch schnell rechnet, verrät der PC-WELT-Test. Der AMD Phenom II X4 910e ist eine stromsparende Variante der Phenom-II-Baureihe,...

International Review By PC Games Hardware on

Alle neuen Prozessoren erscheinen für den Sockel AM3 und unterstützen damit DDR3- sowie DDR2-Speicher. Sie lassen sich also auch auf älteren AM2(+)-Platinen einsetzen. Mit den CPUs bedient AMD größtenteils die Einstiegs- sowie die...