Intel Core i5-3427U 1.8GHz 1023

  • Intel Core i5-3427U 1.8GHz 1023
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By HotHardware on -

Intel's new Core i5-3427U 17 Watt Ivy Bridge Ultra processor compared favorably to previous generation Sandy Bridge standard voltage CPUs in terms of CPU performance. The new chip often offered 85+% of the CPU throughput of the standard power...

By PCPer on -

Intel’s Ivy Bridge update to the ultrabook platform has strengths and weaknesses. Let’s talk about the strengths first.It’s clear from the processor benchmarks that Intel has managed to bestow the low-voltage Ivy Bridge parts with a performance boost...

By The Tech Report on -

So, there you have it. In its ultrabook-friendly incarnation, Ivy Bridge gives you higher performance and longer battery run times for less money than Sandy Bridge. Not exactly a tough sell, is it? That said, I'm a little disappointed Intel didn't give...