Intel Pentium G620T 2.2GHz Socket LGA1155

  • Intel Pentium G620T 2.2GHz Socket LGA1155
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By iXBT Labs on

This time we'd like to offer you the summarized test results of as many as 71 processors. This generally marks the end of the year, not the end of another test method's life cycle (like the last time). We believe this summary contains all important...

By X-bit Labs on

Sandy Bridge microarchitecture is amazingly diverse. We have already admired the high performance of processors based on it many time, and today we saw clearly that it is also a perfect fit for products to be used in quiet, compact and...

By AnandTech on

In 2006 Intel introduced its tick-tock cadence for microprocessor releases. Every year would see the release of a new family of microprocessors as either a tick or a tock. Ticks would keep architectures relatively unchanged and focus on transitions to...

By DigitalVersus on 60

A good entry level processor which offers sufficient all round office document level usage. In such a framework, the impressive energy management is also worth bearing in mind. The few Watts gained in intensive use of this T version don't entirely...

International Review By on

記得以往ITX的平台規格多數是要以NoteBook CPU與SO-DIMM做為搭配, 這樣的硬體規格不僅會讓所需的花費拉高,此外MB價位也比同級ATX MB貴上好幾倍, 近三年來也因為HTPC市場需求抬頭,讓ITX產品數量漸漸地變多,能見度也日漸提高。 以前在網路上比較容易看到AMD ITX平台,3D內顯較強是某些MB品牌愛用的主因。 由於Intel上一代LGA 1156內顯效能開始追上AMD,今年初Sandy Bridge又有3~5倍的3D效能增進。...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

AMD introduceerde eerder dit jaar haar A6 en A8 Llano processors en Intel heeft haar lijn Sandy Bridge processors flink uitgebreid. Aan de vooravond van de introductie van high-end Intel Sandy Bridge-E en de AMD FX processors is het tijd om opnieuw de...

International Review By on

Микроархитектура Sandy Bridge поражает своей многогранностью. Мы уже не раз восхищались тем, насколько производительными могут быть построенные на ней процессоры, а сегодня мы убедились, что она с равным успехом подходит и для создания привлекательных...

International Review By Les Numériques on 60

Un bon processeur d'entrée de gamme qui offre une prestation complète pour une utilisation bureautique. Dans ce cadre là, la bonne gestion énergétique est également un point positif non négligeable. En revanche, les quelques watts gagnés en...

International Review By GinjFo on

Après les Core i7, i5 et i3, Intel lance ces Pentium G. Privés de l’Hyperthreading, du Quick Sync et épaulés d’un IGP castré, ils déclinent vers le bas l’architecture Sandy Bridge pour contrer les Athlon II d’AMD et se positionner dans une fourchette...