• BenQ W1000+
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  • The long lamp life and quality help and support are a breath of fresh air.


  • The midrange display settings bring it down a little.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Tech Digest on 80

First things first; the BenQ W1000+ isn't much of a looker. Though the "white with silver accents" design in theory should look good, in practice it's a very cheap-looking box, with ugly ventilation strips on the side and sticky control buttons...

By PC Advisor on 80

The BenQ W1000+ doesn’t pack a perfect image. But, for this money, you shouldn’t expect perfection. Instead it creates a very pleasing colour palette while projecting a sizeable picture. It works well with today’s HDMI devices, while...

By TechRadar on 100

The BenQ W1000+ can be yours for roughly the same amount as you'd pay for a good 40-inch TV. And none can offer the same bigscreen thrills. The machine is capable of casting a 300-inch image thanks to the high output of its optical engine. The...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Benq’s W1000+ is a great choice if you want the flexibility to use a projector in a lit room, but you can get better image quality for this price....

By ProjectorCentral on 86

The BenQ W1000+ is a value-priced product that delivers a great picture. It is bright enough to be used in the living room, high enough in contrast to be used in the theater, and vibrant enough in color to display anything you desire. The user...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

Back in November 2009, BenQ launched the great value home cinema projector. Sure, it had its issues, but nothing that couldn’t comfortably be forgiven within the context of a sub-£1,000 price. In fact, at that price level, the BenQ’s...

By TopTenREVIEWS on 75

The BenQ W1000+ is a great product for home, office or school...

By Home Cinema Choice on

BenQ's W1000+ can be yours for roughly the same amount as you’d pay for a good 40in TV. And none can offer the same big-
screen thrills. The machine is capable of casting a 300in image thanks to the high output of its optical engine....

International Review By dgl.ru on

Если вы собираетесь обзавестись...

International Review By Netzwelt on

Preiswerter Projektor mit Schwächen Werbung Ausstattung und Aufstellung Mit 1.000 Euro Listenpreis zählt der W1000+ zu den günstigsten Full-HD-Beamern, die im Handel zu finden sind. Dass da irgendwo gespart werden muss, liegt auf der...

International Review By AudioVision on

Der Benq leidet an vielen kleinen Schwächen. Richtig eingestellt, macht er dank guter Helligkeit und ordentlichem Kontrast aber durchaus Spaß. In Anbetracht des günstigen Preises gehen seine Leistungen in Ordnung. Nach wie vor empfehlen...

International Review By AudioVideoHD on 80

Évolution réelle ? Physiquement nullement, en revanche les menus de l'appareil sont légèrement modifiés, permettant un ajustement plus fin des couleurs. La modification de la roue chromatique et du software ont permis de...