Samsung SP-P410M

  • Samsung SP-P410M
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  • Built-in media player allows for computer-free presentations.
  • 30,000 hours of LED light.
  • Combination projector/media player.


  • Mixed results with image quality.
  • Low brightness (170 lumens).

Expert reviews and ratings

By Expert Reviews on

This compact portable projector from Samsung uses an array of LEDs as a light source rather than a halogen bulb. This has two advantages: it starts up much more quickly as you don't have to wait for the bulb to warm up, and the light source...

By TechRadar on 80

The SP-P410M projector from Samsung isn't just small (its footprint is smaller than a Mac mini), the light source isn't even a traditional bulb – it's superbright LEDs. That means an end to long warmup times and a projected LED life of...

By Macworld on 60

The Samsung SP- P410M is best suited for small-group presentations, in rooms where you can control the lighting to ensure that the screen is as viewable as possible. And even though it isn’t cheap, its stand-alone ability to play computer-free...

By Evergeek on 70

While selective about what pocket it gets friendly with, Samsung's so-called "pocket projector," the P410M, is a portable-enough DLP (Digital Light Processing) projector that may be a godsend for mobile presenters, traveling photographers and even...

By PCWorld on 76

The compact, 2.1-pound Samsung SP-P410M ($749 as of 8/7/09) is the largest of the three LED projectors we tested for our recent ultraportable projectors review. Its traveling weight is 4.2 pounds, which is much more than the BenQ Joybee GP1 and Dell...

By IT PRO on 67

Most mini projectors lack punch and verve and just don’t have the brightness to do the job. However, the Samsung SP-P410M does enough in the performance and style stakes to justify its price....

By PC Pro on 67

A stylish cut above other mini-projectors, but you pay a premium for that quality...

By Expert Reviews on 100

Verdict: A good LED projector with great brightness and colours. It's only flaw is the lack of audio output. Samsung's latest ultra-portable projector is the prettiest we've seen for a while, with a glossy black case flanked on each side by...

International Review By Ere Numérique on 85

Avec un ordinateur connecté via la prise VGA, les polices s’affichent avec précision dans la résolution native. On peut ainsi travailler facilement dans un tableur ou faire une présentation. Attention toutefois à ne pas donner trop d’angle à...

International Review By on 85

Noir brillant, courbes arrondies, finition de qualité, le Samsung P410M séduit dès le premier regard. Il est livré avec une sacoche de transport pratique et bien finie dans laquelle on loge aisément le vidéoprojecteur, son...