Vivitek H5080 DLP

  • Vivitek H5080 DLP
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  • No 3D (yeah, I said it), Plenty bright, Vibrant, punchy colors, Deep blacks, good shadow detail, Available fixed short throw and long throw lenses.


  • No 3D (for those who actually like that sort of thing), Loud, mechanical noise during iris adjustments, Mediocre video processing, Grayscale adjustments in Service Menu only, Lessthanideal lens shift control location.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Big Picture Big Sound on 75

Vivitek's H5080 is an intriguing machine. On the one hand, Vivitek is clearly trying to strengthen its position in the home theater marketplace, and the H5080's heft and attractive looks certainly give it a dose of high-end panache. On the other...

By Gaming Nexus on 96

Earlier this year I had a chance to take in Vivitek at the 2011 CES on the show floor for the first time. My previous visits with them have been in a private meeting, so it was very interested in seeing how they presented their lineup on the floor....

By Expert Reviews on 60

This is easily the best DLP projector we’ve ever seen, but you could almost buy two of our favourite LCD model for the same money....

By TechRadar on 80

Taiwanese brand Vivitek has hit the ground running in its recent bid to conquer the UK projector market, having already impressed us with both a strong sub-£1,000 budget model and a spectacular £10k three-LED flagship variant, labelled the...

By Projectors at Projector Reviews on

Until I spent some time with Vivitek's H5080 home theater projector, I had been enthusiastic enough about Optoma's similar HD8600 to give it a Hot Product Award, despite the overly visible iris action (in certain situations). With that in mind,...

By Trusted Reviews on 90

The three previous projectors we’ve seen from new (to the UK, anyway) kid on the block Vivitek have been just about as far apart in price as they could be. There was the all-singing, all-dancing £11,000 LED model at the high end, and two...