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  • Controls a PC/Mac/PS3 wirelessly on your HDTV screen.
  • Plenty of buttons for all types of commands.
  • Rechargeable battery.


  • Small touch pad.
  • Typing via onscreen keyboard is a pain.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Techgage on

Using the Navigator was a pleasant experience. I wasn't sure how I would feel about it at first but after using it consistently for over a month, I have grown accustomed to its layout and can operate it almost by muscle memory alone. The trackpad is...

By Bright Side of News on

As we said in our initial write up on GlideTV we found the GlideTV software and the navigator to be an excellent complement to our existing HTPC setup. We were able to extend our style of usage to include much more than we already did. The Navigator...

By AVRev on

For the serious home theater enthusiast, the concept of a home theater PC is very attractive for those who want to store all of their media in one spot and utilize it to consume the rapidly growing library of web based, high definition video. ...

By TechRadar on 80

Media PCs exist in a tricky limbo between the PC and the set-top box – do you choose a full remote keyboard with a built-in mouse or trackball, or a wand-shaped remote control, perhaps with a built-in trackball? The GlideTV Navigator is another...

By cnet on 60

The GlideTV Navigator strikes a decent balance between ease of use and living room acceptability, but Logitech's diNovo Mini is a better tool for controlling a PC via your HDTV. The Navigator's saving graces are its built-in Mac support and, for...

By Maximum PC on 90

This remote looks weird, but fits comfortably in your paw We hereby crown the new king of home-theater-PC remote controls. There have been many pretenders to the throne, including sticks and donuts (Gyration’s over-complicated Media Center Remote...

By DragonSteelMods on 90

The GlideTV is a unique way to couch surf and control your HTPC without the use of a keyboard. It is a stylish and utilitarian device for the HTPC aficionado. As long as you don’t require frequent typing while using your HTPC, the GlideTV...

By The Gadgeteer on

Controlling a PC, Mac or Playstation 3 that is connected to your television can sometimes be a huge hassle. Wireless keyboards are too large and bulky, while regular sized remote controls are too small and limited. The GlideTV Navigator Remote...

By Appletell on 60

Now GlideTV’s Navigator is another gadget that brings a lot of potential to the table of the home theater Mac Mini setup. The Mac Mini is a great choice for a home theater Mac, but there’s one problem: controlling it. Does the...

By PC Pro on 67

Will transform the way you use your Media Center PC, but only at a price...

By Testfreaks on 90

The GlideTV Navigator is a great accompaniment to any HTPC, it will make your life much easier and allow you to control all functions of your PC from a distance. Think of it as a fully functional remote for your computer. I really do like the GlideTV...

By GadgetReview on

When GlideTV arrived on the scene last month it garnered all sorts of press thanks to its cool design and what appeared to be ease of use factor. If you haven’t heard, it’s a remote/mouse targeted at the home theater PC crowd, you know, the...

By RegHardware on 85

So, having spent £250 on an Acer Revo or such should you shell out half as much again for a funky remote control? We think the answer is yes. The GlideTV Navigator is, without doubt, a most elegant and effective way to control any computer that is...

By Dvice on

Here's an entirely new way to control your Mac or PC in the home theater. The GlideTV Navigator is a radio-frequency remote featuring a touchpad that's a lot like the one you use on your laptop every day. We tested it for a few days in our home...

International Review By HomeMedia on

Depuis notre test de la télécommande universelle Gyration qui pilote le curseur de votre souris à la manière d'une Wiimote, aucun périphérique de contrôle ne nous avait vraiment surpris. On voit bien que les...