Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control

  • Griffin Beacon Universal Remote Control
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  • Attractive IR transmitter fits anywhere without needing a wall outlet.
  • Works well, once you've invested a lot of work into setting it up.
  • Can define your own remotes if you can't find any that work for you.


  • Pre-defined remotes have minimal buttons, and none of them worked for any of my equipment.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Home Theater Review on 90

The universal-remote landscape just got a lot more interesting. The Griffin Beacon delivers on the promise of an iPhone-based universal control system, offering a level of reliability and flexibility that similar iPhone systems lack. Lest we forget, it's...

By Expert Reviews on 40

An interesting product that falls short due to problems with its learning capability...

By on

Universal remotes are destined to become one of the many technological casualties of the smart phone/tablet revolution. Used to be people would spend hundreds of dollars on a device that could control all of their home theatre components. Now there’s...

By The Gadgeteer on

helloI recently reviewed my shopping experience at, and I received a Beacon Universal Remote Control System for iOS Devices by Griffin from them. I have spent some time getting the Beacon set up, and let’s just say that experience...

By Missing Remote on

The idea of universal remotes is nothing new, as is the idea of interactive smartphones. What has only been done sparingly, and mainly with home theater PC (HTPC) focused consumers in mind, has been the leveraging of your smartphone with your home...

By TechRadar on 60

The Griffin Beacon is a universal remote control app and hardware combo that can be used with a huge number of living-room devices. Instead of an attachment for your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, it works using a separate infrared box which links...

By Pocket-lint on 70

Nice product, but do you really need...

By Tech Digest on 80

The Griffin Beacon is quite the looker. Best described as a similar size to a black Apple TV box with a shiny black pebble placed on top, it'll sit comfortably and stylishly alongside most AV set-ups. Powered by four AA batteries, it syncs with your...

By on

Looking beyond the fact that my unit was defective (and will be fixed via app update soon), the Beacon is a pretty good deal at an MSRP of US$79.95. With the ability to control all your AV gear, including an Xbox, I think you'll find there's little it...

International Review By Les Numériques on 40

L'utilisation d'un smartphone ou d'une tablette en tant que télécommande universelle est un concept séduisant, à condition qu'il surpasse réellement une télécommande classique. Ce n'est pas le cas ici et on se retrouve finalement avec un système plus...

International Review By on 80

De Griffin Beacon werkt prima en communiceerde zonder problemen met onze apparatuur. De Dijit-app waarmee u de apparatuur bedient is prettig. Toestellen toevoegen is makkelijk dankzij de prima wizard en u kunt de virtuele afstandsbediening naar smaak...

International Review By on 70

Wanneer je al over een iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch of Android ap­pa­raat be­schikt, is de Beacon een goed­ko­pe op­los­sing om op ge­bruiks­vrien­de­lij­ke wijze al je A/V-toe­stel­len te be­die­nen. Onze test met een iPod Touch verliep echter niet zonder...