Asus RT-N13U Wireless N Router with All-in-One Printer Server

  • Asus RT-N13U Wireless N Router with All-in-One Printer Server
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  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Attractive and intuitive interface.
  • Strong and reliable wireless connections.


  • No gigabit LAN.
  • Only one USB port for external devices.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TweakNews on

Overall, working with this router turned out to be a positive experience. There are lots of things I'm left impressed with. Wireless connections are reliable and the range turned out to be better than I expected, and the interface has a fantastic...

By Expert Reviews on 60

The RT-N13U does exactly what it's supposed to, but a badly designed interface and poor documentation make it far more of a chore to set up than it should be....

By Tom's Hardware UK on

More interesting is that the N13U is 2.4 GHz-only and uses a pair of 3 dBi antennas, so we wouldn’t necessarily expect roaring performance. All four rear LAN ports are 10/100. We admit that 10/100 is still amply fast for most home users. After all,...

By Maximum PC on 50

Strong feature set; crap performance Asus has developed a terrific graphical user interface for the RT-N13U's firmware. Asus isn’t a huge player in the router market, but the company has come up with a few noteworthy models in the past few...

By ThinkComputers on 90

As the price of home networking equipment falls, manufacturers are looking to include features which separate their product from the rest of the pack. Many routers include at least one USB port these days because of this. This USB port is...

By CNET Australia on 88

Asus' inexpensive 802.11n router is a bit of a bargain, although it does also bring with it some bargain basement...

By Vortez on

Although my analysis of the Asus RT-N13U has been quite thorough I thought it was necessary to post some kind of graph to show roughly what transfer rates are like. So for this test I simply transferred a 14.5MB MP3 file from my desktop machine that...

By Neoseeker on

I was very impressed by the ASUS RT-N13U. Its whole set of features are really awesome. The FTP server from a USB storage device is great since it allows it to be accessible 24/7, even if the computer is shut OFF. That is the same thing with the ASUS...

International Review By Hardware.Info on

Van de vijf routers is er eigenlijk niet een die er écht uitspringt. Zoals wel vaker heeft elk model specifieke voors en tegens. De Asus en Eminent zijn beiden vrij uitgebreid en de eerste is ook nog eens multifunctioneel, maar blijft qua draadloze...

International Review By mato78 on

Asuksen omien sanojen mukaan sen langattoman reitittimen suurin valtti on sen sisältämä hallintaohjelmisto, EZ UI yhdessä EZ QoS:n ja EZ All-In-One Printer-ominaisuuden kanssa, joka huolehtii tulostimen jakamisesta. EZ QoS-ominaisuus...

International Review By on

Router přišel v relativně malé krabičce, která je ale hojně popsaná různými reklamními texty propagujícími jinak „nevídané“ funkce. Hlavně si ale zcela...

International Review By BitCity on 90

Asus RT-N13U è un dispositivo multifunzionale, cioè può assolvere a diverse attività in base alle necessità specifiche dell’utente. Questa unità è fondamentalmente un router, ma può essere utilizzato come...