Asus WL-520GU Home Gateway Wireless Router

  • Asus WL-520GU Home Gateway Wireless Router
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  • Solid wireless g router, Inexpensive, at ~$40 (USD), Decent range for wireless g, Intuitive and easy setup, ASUS quality.
  • Very inexpensive: $40$50, Decent hardware, USB printer server


  • No 802.11n support, Poor documentation, Ugly UI
  • Control panel is still awfullycolored, Control panel could better organized

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechwareLabs on

So, should you buy the WL-520gU for your home network? My answer is: it depends. If you want a box you can set up quickly and forget about, with no extra fiddling, my answer is a definite no. The factory firmware was a complete performance disaster,...

By Techgage on 70

Oh, the testing. Our testing method currently for anything network related is a pretty simple process. Take a file, move it to and from the original source and repeat three times. Each upload and download is timed and the three are averaged out with...

By ThinkComputers on 90

ASUS makes a decent router as an alternative to the D-Link and Linksys/Cisco routers available on the market. The print server capability is a certain boon to folks who cant decide where to put the printer. I do wish that the device allowed hard...