EnGenius ESR9855G Wireless 300Mbps Gaming Router

  • EnGenius ESR9855G Wireless 300Mbps Gaming Router
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  • Excellent throughput for a single-band router, Lots of features, Sharp, well-designed interface, Easy setup, Runs cool.
  • The EnGenius Wireless ESR9855G offers fast wireless speed and extra-long range. It also has a practical design and is easy to use.


  • Throughput drops significantly with distance.
  • The EnGenius ESR9855G lacks support for dual-band, guest networking, and USB-related features. Its wireless signal stability could be better.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Mag on 80

EnGenius' ESR9855G Multimedia Enhanced Wireless 300N Gaming Router is near flawless save for one issue—after moving a relatively short distance from the device, throughput drops significantly....

By TechwareLabs on

The EnGenius Wireless 300N Gaming Router has all of the features needed for a gaming setup or LAN party. From its gigabit switch to its speedy 300Mbps wireless N rate, this router stacks up with most high end media/gaming routers. What it lacks is...

By hardwarezone.com.sg on 80

Judging by its aesthetics alone, the humble EnGenius ESR9855G isn't as attractive as some of its competitors' prettier 802.11n rivals. Furthermore, this EnGenius wireless router has a number of inadequacies such as a missing USB port and...

By cnet on 67

The EnGenius Wireless ESR9855G 300Mbps gaming router makes a great home router, but its random wireless signal resets might steer away online...