Solwise NET-3G-3GWIFIMRW 3.5G Wlan Mobile Server Router

  • Solwise NET-3G-3GWIFIMRW 3.5G Wlan Mobile Server Router
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  • Compact size; decent feature set; automatic failover to 3.5G


  • Can be tricky to set up; documentation unclear

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechRadar on 60

The Solwise 3GWFIMRW 3.5G Plus WLAN Wall Server Router is something of a mouthful to name check, but it's a very impressive piece of hardware. While primarily built to make it possible to share a 3G mobile internet connection between multiple...

By RegHardware on 75

Solwises 3.5G plus WLAN Mobile Server Router is probably overkill for the traveller looking to share a hotel Ethernet connection among a number of wireless devices, but if you need something a little more heavy duty, with storage and printer...

By Web User on 68

If you already use a mobile phone more than a landline, it makes little sense to incur line rental fees just to get broadband. This is also true if you already have mobile broadband for when youre out and about, but while mobile broadband doesnt...

By Expert Reviews on 60

It may look like a HomePlug adaptor, but this is actually a niche product thats designed to share a 3G mobile broadband connection, either via WiFi or wired networking. Your 3G dongle plugs into one of two USB ports, but as theyre so close...

By on 80

If you live in an area where wired broadband is not available, or you want a backup, this pocket-size router does everything you need...