Plustek OpticBook 4800

  • Plustek OpticBook 4800
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  • Platen comes to edge of scanner so book can lie flat, Scan software designed for books, LED light source eliminates warm-up time.


  • No ADF, No photo-related features, like dust removal or color restore.

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By PC Mag on 70

The Plustek OpticBook 4800 is designed for books, with a platen that comes to the edge of the scanner so a book can lie flat with one side hanging over the edge....

By on 60

There’s plenty to like about the 4800, but the massive price tag will limit its appeal to those who really need to make use of its strengths. As a book and document scanner that offers clean results with a minimum of fuss, it succeeds. But as an...

International Review By on

Планшетные сканеры как класс...