Xerox Mobile Scanner

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  • Lightweight sheetfed scanner.
  • Portable.
  • Battery powered.


  • Hardware controls could be more intuitive.
  • Printed documentation is skimpy.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Techworld on

I had only minor quibbles with the Xerox Mobile Scanner, mostly stemming from the rather skimpy printed documentation (a quick-start guide). For instance, you have to go to the online manual to learn how to set up the Eye-Fi card and understand the...

By PC World on 90

Outfitted with an Eye-Fi SD Card, this lightweight portable scanner can wirelessly transmit JPG images and PDFs to computers, the Web, or your Android or iOS mobile device, making it a useful tool especially for business...

By PC Mag on 80

The Xerox Mobile Scanner can scan without a computer, send files to your Android or iOS device with WiFi so you can see the scans, and automatically upload them elsewhere as well....

By Trusted Reviews on

The Xerox Mobile Scanner is a novel extension of the truly portable document capture device. By adding in an Eye-Fi card, it can both store captured images in the card’s memory as well as send them to the Eye-Fi server, from where they can be...

By LaptopMag on 70

The Xerox Mobile Scanner's innovative wireless capability lets you scan to a smartphone or to the...

By Testfreaks on

Here’s something rather cool, a wireless scanner from Xerox called the Mobile Scanner (creative name..). It works with virtually any device like the iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac or Android. Price is $250 and that’s a bit high I think, but it just...

International Review By on 60

Deze scanner scant documenten naar een geheugenkaartje. U kunt deze bestanden vervolgens naar de pc kopiëren voor verdere verwerking. Helaas is de kwaliteit van de scans niet indrukwekkend en is het hierdoor geen geschikte scanner om foto's of...

International Review By PC for Alla on 70

Xerox Mobile Scanner är precis vad namnet antyder. En liten, bärbar, batteridriven bildläsare, som dessutom har trådlös uppkoppling. Den är extremt lätt att använda och gör bara det den ska utan en massa...