Apple Mac Mini Server Late 2011 - Intel Core i7

  • Apple Mac Mini Server Late 2011 - Intel Core i7
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  • SSD option offers significant speed improvement.
  • Quiet and easy on power and cooling needs.
  • Thunderbolt mitigates ethernet port limitation.


  • No ECC memory.
  • Only one power supply.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Advisor on 90

The Mac mini with Lion Server is a real improvement on an already solid performer. In its target market (companies with up to 200 users), it is an outstanding performer and is also a capable utility server in a wide range of usage needs. The Mac mini...

By Macworld on 90

I was fairly positive in my review of the 2010 version of Apple’s smallest server, and fortunately, I can say that it’s very easy to be happy with the 2011 Mac mini with Lion Server. The Mac mini server is not a big enterprise server....

By Macworld Australia on 100

In day-to-day use, the Mac mini Server proved an unobtrusive ringmaster to what could have been an inflexible bunch of clients – we were mightily impressed. So, if you’re in a home or work environment with multiple clients to be managed as...

By Macworld UK on 100

The release of the Mac mini Server in October 2009 was, in effect, Apple’s acknowledgement of the use to which many users had put their minis since the model’s introduction in January 2005. The mini Server’s hardware configuration was...

International Review By on

Ännu en ny generation Mac Mini, och därför också en lätt kastrerad sådan i serverskrud, tror ni kanske? Nja, den här gången har Apple tagit i ordentligt.När första Mac Mini-servern dök upp så...

International Review By on 65

Il piccolo Mac Mini, “il Mac più compatto ed economico di sempre” secondo lo slogan scelto da Apple per il lancio del prodotto, si rinnova completamente dal punto di vista hardware, andando a offrire prestazioni sempre più elevate...

International Review By TechWorld on

Det är svårt att inte tycka om den lilla servern. Trots sitt begränsade omfång klarar den av det mesta som ett mindre kontor behöver. Operativsystemet är också mycket väl lämpat för den uppgiften. Mycket...