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  • Higher response times for the individual VMs in some real world situations (20-40% load)

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Pro on 83

An affordable and highly expandable 4P system with a massive core count, making it perfect for virtualisation and consolidation...

By IT PRO on 83

With its quartet of 16-core Opteron 6200s and high memory capacity, the PowerEdge R815 is a particularly good candidate for virtualisation and as a server consolidation platform. It packs a lot of useful features into its compact 2U chassis, has a...

By ZDNet UK on 85

The first of the big-name vendors to deliver a server based on AMD's new 16-core Opteron 6200 series (Interlagos) processors, Dell has stolen a march on the competition with an affordable yet highly scalable 2U platform offering all the usual...

By InfoWorld on 90

There's something different about watching a server process list spanning 48 logical CPUs. It invariably engenders a feeling of raw power, not because each CPU is fast but simply because there are so many of them. Those 48 logical processors show...

By on 100

A highly configurable platform capable of hosting all manner of applications, the R815 delivers enterprise level performance at a price that's more affordable to small businesses. The key selling point is support for up to 48 cores using AMD Opteron...

By PC Pro on 83

Dell delivers the first quad-socket Opteron 6100 server to market, offering SMBs a low-cost 4P solution...

By IT PRO on 83

As the first 4P Opteron 6100 server to market, Dell’s new PowerEdge R815 sets a high standard for the rest to follow. Compared with the latest Xeon 7500 systems, the R815 and its quartet of 12-Core Opterons makes for a far more cost-effective...

By AnandTech on

Four Opteron 6174 at 2.2GHz16 x 4GB Samsung 1333MHz CH9Dell Inc 06JC9TAMD SR5650v1.1.92x Dell L1100A-S0 1100WThe R815 is a very compact design: six fans in the middle of the chassis pull the cool air across the four Opteron socket and 32 DDR3 DIMM...