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The Gionee S6 lacks the performance of a 19k smartphone, and even though it is a decent overall device, it is not worth recommending.PROSPremium builtGood cameraCONSAverage perfromance720p resolutionGionee Elife S6: Detailed ReviewThe Gionee S6 isn't...

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Thinking about the Gionee S6, I can't think of a single reason to actually recommend it to someone. It's not a bad phone, that's for sure, but it's not a great one either.Off the top of my head I can easily recommend the Moto X Play with an...

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The Gionee S6 is a well-crafted smartphone and in some ways, offers better value than Oppo's R7 Lite since it has double the onboard storage, FM radio, and supports VoLTE out-of-the-box. Given its price, we would have liked a more powerful SoC and a...

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Gül altın , gül , gül gümüş renk seçenekleriyle gelecek olan cihaz 8 çekirdekli 1.8GHz hızında Helip P10 işlemci ve Mali-T860MP2 grafik işlemcisinden gücünü alıyor. 4GB RAM ve 128GB ‘ a kadar arttırılabilen 64GB dahili hafıza sunan cihaz , 5.5 inç...

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The 5.5-inch, 720p Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3 protection takes up almost the entire front of the phone, with a small section at the top featuring the front camera, earpiece and a sensor and another at the bottom with three capacitive...

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G ionee's S series have been standing out for style, well at least most of them. The S5.1, the S7, the S5.5 are some of the good examples and some of these were the slimmest phones for some time. We had loved the unique design of the S7 and its overall...

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Gionee S6 is a premium handset with a beautiful body. Performance is smooth, camera quality is above average and battery backup is also decent depending on your usage. S6 supports 4G with VoLTE. A good buy however a bit pricey.Gionee S6 is available for...

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The Gionee S6 is a great device, no doubt. It is priced at INR 20,000 approximately and in my opinion, it is able to justify this price tag easily. The user experience when using the device is great, the performance when playing games is great and even...

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金立S6的重要特色是闪耀的金属机身和做工,其有不错的颜值和做工。AMOLED屏幕有出色的色彩饱和度和可视角度,有3G内存和轻量化的系统加成,其流畅度甚至已经超过很多旗舰机。而更感人的是,机器在6.9mm的超薄机身里面塞进了3150mAh的电池,实际续航表现优秀。大家印象中,超薄机身向来是和性能、续航相矛盾的。金立S6是极少数可以在厚度和续航之间取得平衡的机器,单单这一点就已经值得很多其他厂商反思了。 true 综合 report 22309...

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金立S6是一个趋于年轻群体的手机,突破了金立常见的商务范儿,金色和超薄设计是一个明智的选择,一体化金属机身也是千元机追赶潮流的大趋势,所以年轻属性的标签金立S6一个也不差。加分项方面基因优势的超长续航、3GB大内存和不错的拍照等,能让它在1699元这个价位上成为亮点,唯一的不足或许为续航牺牲掉的屏幕分辨率,或许下一代产品中金立会解决分辨率和续航的平衡。 中关村在线 中关村在线 席龙飞 report 17795...