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By PCAdvisor on 50

The Jolla is an interesting new smartphone with its eye-catching Sailfish OS. However, it's too expensive for average the average hardware on offer, a confusing interface and a reliance on Android apps. You're better off getting the superior Nexus 5 and saving a few quid in the process.

By Pocket-lint on

Jolla, a company made up of former Nokia developers, is out to create the best open source mobile operating system with its Sailfish OS, based loosely on MeGo. Until now the Jolla phone itself was €400 - a pricey way to access the OS. Now Jolla will be...

By CoolSmartphone on

The Jolla phone is finally here! Despite an attempt to deliver to my home literally the day I moved out and missing me then being re-delivered to work when I had that day off I finally got hold of the new smartphone that the Finnish nation are...

By Trusted Reviews on

What is the Jolla Sailfish smartphone? Jolla is the first phone by the Finnish start-up of the same name. It will be released in late 2013 and run the Sailfish OS, which is based on the abandoned MeeGo project founded by Intel and Nokia. Jolla is largely...

International Review By on 67

Video Recensione Jolla Jolla con Sailfish OS: la redazione ha terminato i test sul nuovo smartphone della nuova azienda Jolla, un prodotto sicuramente innovativo e singolare che monta un sistema operativo tutto suo: il Sailfish OS!Jolla, al contrario...

International Review By on 60

It takes a lot of guts to go up against dozens of major international and local Android manufacturers with something brand new and unfamiliar. We think Jolla's biggest challenge will be educating customers. As others have proved before (we're looking at...

International Review By Tweakers on 80

In mei al besteld, nu eindelijk in huis: de Jolla! De eerste smartphone van het het bedrijf met dezelfde naam en ook de eerste smartphone die uitkomt met het nieuwe Sailfish OS. In...

International Review By Tweakers on 80

De Jolla telefoon is een stap in de goede richting, maar met de huidige staat van de software is er nog veel plaats voor verbetering. Denk hierbij aan een werkende native Whatsapp client, Google Calender sync en een ingebouwde Twitter app. Uiteraard...

International Review By on

Zaraz po wejściu na targi MWC 2015 trafiłem na stoisko firmy Jolla, która zajmuje się rozwojem systemu Sailfish OS. W zeszłym roku w Barcelonie miałem okazję pierwszy raz korzystać ze smartfonu z tym oprogramowaniem. Dzisiaj natomiast miałem okazję...

International Review By on

Video Unboxing Jolla con Sailfish OS: la redazione ha cominciato i test sull'innovativo e singolare smartphone dell'azienda finlandese che monta un sistema operativo tutto suo: il Sailfish OS, stiamo parlando di un vero e proprio nuovo cellulare con...

International Review By on

The company has chosen Snapdeal as the exclusive online retailer in India for Jolla smartphones, and had teased its plans to launch in India way back in July. It seems that the company is emulating the strategy that has been successful for Motorola and...

International Review By on

Während die Hardware bestenfalls unteres Mittelmaß ist, stellt das installierte Sailfish OS sicher das Highlight des Geräts dar. Um den Schatz zu heben, ist allerdings etwas Lernaufwand notwendig, da die Gestensteuerung leider nur bedingt intuitiv ist....

International Review By on

Нужна ли нам еще одна операционная система для мобильных телефонов? Да, конечно, свои недостатки есть и у iOS, и у Android, и Windows Phone тоже их не лишена. Будет ли новая OS от Jolla кому-нибудь...

International Review By on

И вот мы плавно перешли к недостаткам. Конечно, система совсем юная, и судить ее «по гамбургскому счету», пожалуй, не совсем правильно. Но не сказать о недоработках и нестабильностях тоже нельзя. На первой версии прошивки ситуация была совсем...

International Review By on

Компания Nokia прекратила выпуск смартфонов под управлением Symbian и MeeGo и перешла под крыло Microsoft с ее Windows Phone. Однако, если Symbian канула в Лету, то MeeGo переродилась в лице операционной системы Sailfish. Ее разрабатывает финская...