TerraTec DMX 6Fire USB

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By NotebookCheck on

The Terratec DMX 6Fire USB is an external USB 2.0 soundcard and is perfect for upgrading the usually mediocre internal notebook soundcards. Its rather appealing for hobby sound studios due to the comprehensive connectivity. Analog recordings of...

By PCFrags on 95

We tested the DMX 6Fire USB external audio unit in conjunction with our existing PC Audio setup consisting of a Kenwood Stereo and Speaker system. Although there was a noticeable improvement in sound quality, we found that this particular unit would...

By Expert Reviews on 80

Terratecs DMX 6Fire USB is a USB 2 version of the companys PCI audio/Midi sound card, which was only available to PC users. The USB 2 box includes Mac drivers, although only for those with an Intel processor, and is aimed at musicians, DJs and...

International Review By on

Das Extraprogramm Mix Vibe etwa ist mit Pitch, Locator und Cross-Fader das ideale Werkzeug für DJs, Audacity bietet komfortable Schnitt- und Aufnahmefunktionen, und Sound-Rescue de-noist und de-scratcht Langspielplatten.Richtig gelesen: Neben zwei...

International Review By PCWorld Italia on

Un PC può essere utilizzato, in termini di audio, in diversi modi: per la visione di film, per l’ascolto di brani musicali, per attività di videogaming e infine, per gli appassionati, per la produzione di musica.La scheda DMX6FIRE USB di...

International Review By Hardware Upgrade on

DMX6 Fire è un nome sicuramente importante nell'ambito delle soluzioni audio, che molti appassionati ricorderanno. Si tratta infatti di una serie di schede audio prodotte dall'azienda tedesca Terratec e caratterizzate dalla elevata...