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Audioengine 5+ (A5+) premium speakers deliver audiophile-quality sound and features at a price that continues to set the standard for affordable high-quality audio. Connect your iDevice, computer, TV, or any other audio component for great stereo sound in any room.

Expert reviews and ratings

By WhatHiFi on 100

The A5+ speakers are light on their feet, sound subtle and boast impressive dynamics. Their sonic scale is striking for the money, happily filling our room better than similarly sized iPod docks.

International Review By on

Với thiết kế tưởng chừng như đơn giản nhưng đầy vẻ chuyên nghiệp, bộ loa 2.0 Audioengine A5+ hứa hẹn sẽ làm hài lòng từ những người nghe nhạc với mục đích giải trí thông thường đến những "audiophile" chuyên...

By TechHive on 80

Audioengine's A5+ is a punchy, enjoyable pair of self-powered, bookshelf-size speakers that, at $399, won't break the bank.

By PC Mag on 90

The fantastic, audiophile-friendly Audioengine 5+ speakers sound powerful without a thunderous subwoofer or booming bass.

By Wired on 80

Audioengine's new A5+ speakers keep what was already great about the company's original A5s, while adding a number of small refinements.

By cnet on 80

You'd be hard-pressed to find a pair of powered stereo speakers at this price point that sounds better--and offer more flexibility--than the Audioengine 5s.

By CustomPCReview on

Forget about the MM-1, forget about the Companion 5, forget about the BeoLab 4. If you’re looking for the best pair of all around speakers for your computer, this is it.

By AudioStream on

For $399, yes I'm going there, I'd say that the Audioengine 5+s give you more than you've given Audioengine. They strike me as the proverbial audiophile bargain capable of delivering musical satisfaction on most levels that count.

By GoodSound on

In juggling many considerations in its 5+, Audioengine has contrived to not drop one. As well executed as it is well designed, this attractive bookshelf speaker is a thoroughly practical product that worked, and worked well, practically right out of the box.

By Audioholics on

For multimedia speakers, the extension of the AudioEngine 5+'s is going to give you some excellent real-world low end not found on most 2.0 systems - and you can always add a sub if you want more.