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  • Price, Innovative, Compact, Decent sound quality, Loud with the right surface, Plug and Play Sound Card and Drives Built in.


  • Some Surfaces Sound Horrible, Would like to see a 3.5mm Jack Version for MP3 Players

Expert reviews and ratings

By OverclockersQH on

I used the Bgears Vibro on almost every surface you can think of around my office: desks, tables, boxes, plastic chairs, pretty much whatever I could get my hands one. The surfaces I found that worked the best were boxes and paper cups. Is it the...

By Pro-Clockers on

The bgears Vibro is a great little speaker that would be right at home sitting beside a laptop or smaller PC. The sound reproduction will really surprise you as it did us. If you are using a netbook or slightly larger laptop that has weak speaker for...

By ComputerPowerUser on 60

Its obvious that the ViBRO isnt designed to project audio upward and outward for a large party atmosphere, but it is ideally suited for enjoying a music mix on your own time. The combination of a single USB cable and literally no setup make the ViBRO...

By High Tech Reviews on

If you wish to have better audio reproduction from your laptop or netbook than you currently have the BGear ViBRO is just the device for you. With the sub-$30 dollar price tag this device in with in range of anyone pocketbook and it will do an...