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The SP920 is ADATA's latest SSD based off the 7mm form factor, which allow it to be compatible with both desktops as well as many ultrabooks on the market. The SP920 packs Marvell's latest controller along with Micron's latest 20nm MLC NAND. Last but not least, the SP920 is available in different capacities, from 128 GB to 1TB.

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 90

ADATA Premier Pro SP920 256GB is a great SSD. I can easily recommend it to every user who is looking for a top performance SSD. Since SP920 is also inexpensive, it will be for sure interesting option for every user regardless of demands. For sure it's...

By Legit Reviews on

When we took a peek inside of the ADATA SP920 512GB drive, we saw that the physical NAND clocks in at 512GB (1GB byte = 1,000,000,000 bytes) and after installation and formatting, we see a user addressable capacity of 476GiB (1GiB = 1,073,741,824 bytes)....

By Ocaholic on 100

With the Premier Pro SP920, ADATA have an SSD in their portfolio, which is based on a very well performing and well-known controller from Marvell. Other than that ADATA have optimized the firmware towards maximum performance as well as high endurance....

By StorageReview on 90

With hardware under the hood shared with the Micron/Crucial M550, the ADATA Premier Pro SP920 comes into the market as a known quantity, although the performance dipped compared to same capacity M550.

By AnandTech on

As I've said before, in the mainstream segment it's all about price and if the MSRPs give any hint, the SP920 (along with the M550 of course) can be very competitive there. The SF3700 is supposed to bring more customization options for OEMs, so focusing the R&D resources on it and the high-end drives doesn't sound like a bad option.

By HotHardware on 90

We dug ADATA’s Premiere Pro SP920 series of drives and think they’re solid offerings in the current SSD landscape. If you’re in the market for an SSD, and want to get the best deal possible, the ADATA Premiere Pro SP920 series of drives perform well and are priced competitively.

By TomsHardware on 95

I'm naturally waiting with bated breath for LSI's response, but that doesn't make products based on Marvell's silicon any less compelling. We already know that the SP920 is an evolution of hardware wringing every last bit of performance from the SATA 6Gb/s interface. And there's nothing wrong with that.

By CPCR on 95

Overall, the ADATA Premier Pro SP920 512GB is a fantastic drive with plenty of features, great performance, and a low price to boot. Business and workstation users who need features such as power loss protection, and aren’t interested in paying enterprise class SSD prices should definitely check it out.

By The Tech Report on 85

I'm just not sure Adata's software is enough to elevate them over largely equivalent offering from a much bigger player. Then again, if you see one of the larger-capacity versions of the SP920 sporting a juicy discount in one of our deal posts, now you know you'd be getting an M550 clone on the cheap.

By TheSSDReview on 85

The ADATA Premier Pro SP920 is, by all means, a twin of the new Crucial M550 but there are definite reasons to seiously consider this drive. Along with the positives of it having the new Marvell controller and power failure protection, ADATA has set this SSD at a lower price point, all the while including a desktop adapter and free retail version of Acromis Migration software ($49 value).

By HardwareCanucks on 90

With every factor being taken into account, it is nearly impossible to overlook AData’s Premier Pro SP920 512GB. It is one of the few SSDs which offers a low cost alongside nearly flagship-matching performance. For anyone looking to get into the SSD market, it doesn’t get any better than this.

By PCPer on 90

Granted the warranty period is a bit shorter at 3 years, it is still a good period, and ADATA products have a good reputation for reliability. I might very well start recommending the ADATA Premier Pro SP920 in light of its excellent performance per cost/GB!

By eTeknix on 90

With the SSD market constantly growing and the gap between each vendor closing up on the upper end of the performance charts, no longer is it a fast sequential speed that will make you the king of SSDs. All round performance and a lower cost of ownership is where the market is going and the SP920 is without a doubt in this new league of drives.

By eTeknix on

In the world of solid state drives, there are a vast number of advantages to be seen and had over the older mechanical counterparts and aside from raw capacity and the consequent price per GB of storage, the SSD is bar far the superior option to opt for...

By on

Alright, so with testing out of the way I'm pretty convinced that what we have here is possibly a Crucial/Micron manufactured drive rebadged as an ADATA product. Based off of the fact that we're looking at a similar performance profile, similar garbage...

By on 90

The ADATA Premier Pro SP920 solid state drive is an excellent choice for anyone wishing to upgrade the drive in their system, and while being accompanied by a phenomenal price point, the SP920 is an easy choice to...

By Hardware Canucks on

AData has never been at the forefront of the SSD market, a space normally reserved for the likes of Samsung, Intel, OCZ, Crucial and others. However, with the Premier Pro SP920, they’ve shown that even an underdog can create an SSD which is extremely...

By The Tech Report on

Before we weigh in with our final verdict, we'll indulge a couple of our famous value scatter plots. These plots use an overall performance score derived by comparing how each drive stacks up against a common baseline. This score is based on a subset of...

International Review By on

После анонса твердотельных накопителей серии ADATA Premier Pro SP920 у многих сложилось мнение, что это — полные аналоги очень неплохих флеш-приводов Crucial M550. К появлению такого суждения приложила свою руку сама компания ADATA, охотно показывавшая...

International Review By on

Бурный прогресс на рынке контроллеров SSD сменился определенным застоем. Так, например, Marvell лишь немного обновил свой контроллер пару раз, но на фоне высоких результатов «старой» версии прогресса никто не заметил; компания OCZ довела свой собственный...