Patriot Valkyrie PCNASVK35S2

  • Patriot Valkyrie PCNASVK35S2
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  • Accessible from any computer on the network, Support for up to 2tb drives, for 4tb internally, Easy connection of external USB drives to expand capacity or network files, Simple user management for various roles, Included software translates various serve
  • Web browser UI provides easy management, Solid construction, Lowpriced compared with other products, Quiet operation, Includes print server, FTP, AV Server, ITunes server etc, It is supposed to support Hot Swapping Drives in RAID 1, PatriotMemory forum is
  • Price, Easy to configure and setup.


  • Bittorrent downloading details could be more expansive, gold
  • No firmware support till today to support AFP and NFS format option, No Raid 5, Transfer speed is rather slow when compared with normal PC system

Expert reviews and ratings

By on 80

The Valkyrie is one of the most user-friendly NAS devices weve tested to date. It offers competent performance coupled with a number of useful features that can benefit your everyday life....

By Hi Tech Legion on

The thing I love about computers is the extensive range of options each new thing gives to us. I've made a move awhile back in order to utilize HTPC setups to turn a simple TV into a media powerhouse. I used to setup network shares in order to not...

By CDRinfo on

After spending some time experimenting with the Patriot Valkyrie NAS we can safely say that the device is a great great entry-level unit, well built and packed with many feature.. Many users are buying NAS servers in order to simply store files on...

By X-bit Labs on

The dual-disk Patriot Valkyrie is an entry-level NAS that has a robust metallic case and an outdated hardware platform whose performance is no higher than 15-20 MBps. It supports but the basic protocols, SMB/CIFS and FTP, and the latter is implemented...

By BCCHardware on 86

The Patriot Valkyrie is a nice quiet alternative to the popular DNS-323 dual-bay NAS. They both have basically the same feature set and Patriot makes theirs unique with the backup feature that can quickly and easily backup your USB media to the box....

By Pureoverclock on

Aesthetically speaking, the Patriot Valkyrie is very easy on the eyes for a box, it has smooth lines, rounded edges and is dressed up with the LED's. This isn't a beauty contest that you are going to enter to show it off to the world however,...

By CCE Reviews on

So at the end of it all where does the Patriot Valkyrie 2 Bay NAS stand? I think Patriot hits on their goal of building an inexpensive NAS device that has some nice services for the end consumer such as a print server, download manager and iTunes to...

By Neoseeker on

As a whole, Patriot marks some excellent points with the Valkyrie. First of all, lets put a price on this NAS. Patriot is targeting $140 after mail-in-rebate, which translates to a retail price of $160. The good news is that it's already available...

By TweakNews on

Given the fairly large feature set wrapped up in a well constructed, attractive unit, the Valkyrie is a good buy for those in the market for a simple home NAS. It supports up to 4TB of storage and has all the most commonly used functions like an FTP...

By Testfreaks on 90

For the price you cant find a better NAS box Im sure. The Patriot Valkyire might be budget priced but it dos have the features of those costing two-three times more than it does.Overall I like this little NAS box, its easy to use...

By Pro-Clockers on

The Patriot Valkyrie is a great little device to have in the home as it can serve as the central location for a lot of different applications. It can be used in the home or small business location. The Valkyrie can house all your important data and...

International Review By BitCity on 77

Valkyrie è un NAS entry-level di nuova generazione, pensato principalmente per l'utenza domestica, che richiede ingombri ridotti, buona silenziosità e facilità d'uso. Questo sistema di archiviazione di rete Patriot offre tutto...