Qnap TS-469 Pro

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  • Hot-swap and drive recovery work well.
  • Remote access supported.
  • Good mix of business and consumer features.


  • Umer features include support as a media or iTunes server.
  • Apps for video and photo sharing.

Expert reviews and ratings

By PCAdvisor on 80

The QNAP TS-469 Pro is a feature-rich and extremely capable NAS box for small businesses and workgroups. It's arguably best of breed, though it certainly is pricey. If you shop around you can find it for £600 without drives.

By PCWorld on 80

Home users who want to take advantage of HD Station in a home-entertainment setup would be better off with the TS-269 Pro, which has the same feature set but only two drive bays and costs about $200 less.

By PC World on 80

The QNAP TS-469 Pro is a fast, four-bay NAS box with a boatload of features, including the ability to function as a direct-attached multimedia playback system for your home entertainment...

By X-bit Labs on

NASes based on the x86 platform take top places in performance charts. They are already fast enough to make full use of a Gigabit Ethernet connection, yet the firmware aspect remains important as well. The QNAP TS-469 Pro delivers the same...

By Good Gear Guide on 90

Well built, and featuring a clean and user-friendly interface, the Qnap TS-469Pro NAS device is a great choice for small business users and enthusiasts. It can be used as a storage point for large files, to backup computers on your network, as a...

By PC Mag on 60

TS-469 Pro TurboNAS is a good fit for a business professional running a home office or small business network. While it provides very good disk failure recovery, those with heavier data needs may find the performance...

By cnet on 80

The QNAP TS-469 Pro is one of the best four-bay NAS servers on the market and will eventually justify the price you pay for...

By Expert Reviews on 80

This four-bay business NAS is powerful and versatile, if not the fastest around...

By HEXUS.net on 80

Review: QNAP TS-469 Pro NASby Parm Mann on 18 April 2012, 16:30 Tags: Qnap Quick Link: HEXUS.net/qabe5v Add to My Vault: QNAP's TS-469 Pro is one of the latest high-end network-attached storage (NAS) solutions to hit the market and you shouldn't be...

By Akihabara News on

Both QNAP and Synology provided us with a unit from their high-end SMB NAS lineup. In this review we will be comparing both units both on hardware performance as software functionality. Synology’s key features: 205.68 MB/sec Reading, 182.66 MB/sec...

International Review By Info Komputer on 81

QNAPTS-469 Pro ini memiliki sejumlah feature menarik serta konfigurasi yang mudah melalui antarmuka panel kontrolnya yang lengkap. Kinerja NAS ini juga tergolong memadai dengan kecepatan transfer data yang lumayan...

International Review By PCBrain on 90

Qnap (Quality Network Appliance Provider), come dice appunto l’acronimo inglese, offre prodotti di rete di alta qualità per l’archiviazione dei dati (NAS) e la video sorveglianza (NVR). L'azienda offre le più recenti tecnologie di condivisione ed...

International Review By eReviews on 80

Til den gængse hjemmebruger der bare skal dele data og måske streame lidt musik og film ud til medieafspillere er QNAP TS-469 Pro nok en tand for voldsom, men til den krævende hjemmebruger (Læs: Nørden) der gerne vil kunne lege systemadministrator og...

International Review By computerworld.dk on 67

Qnap TS-469 Pro er en netværksharddisk i topklasse, der især vil vække jubelbrøl blandt superbrugere med en drengedrøm om at blive netværksadministratorer. NAS'en, som netværksharddiske også kaldes, er nemlig spækket med funktioner, der gør det muligt...

International Review By Tweak.dk on 89

Qnap TS-469 Pro hører til Qnaps helt nye x69 serie og bygger videre på, den nu ældre, x59 serie. TS-469 Pro kan huse optil fire diske og passer ind i to forskellige kategorier. Enten bruger man den til erhverv – som den egentligt hører til – eller...

International Review By Hardware.no on

Harddisker er fremdeles dyrere enn de var før den mye omtalte harddiskkrisen, men for de fleste av oss er den nå likevel igjen nede på et akseptabelt nivå. Samtidig har de nye produktlinjene av NAS-bokser kommet seg ut i butikkene. Det betyr at det...

International Review By MacGeneration on 80

Comme son nom l'indique, le TS-469 Pro fait partie des solutions haut de gamme de Qnap. Ce NAS, dédié aux utilisateurs avancés et aux PME, doté de quatre baies, ressemble à tous les autres modèles de Qnap, mais les changements internes sont nombreux....

International Review By bytheway.gr on

Η QNAP Systems Inc εγκαινίασε επισήμως την επόμενη γενιά του εξαιρετικά δημοφιλούς και βραβευμένου lineup Turbo NAS διακομιστή της, του TS-X69 σειράς Pro....Ο νέος TS-X69 σειρά Pro, διατίθεται σε 2, 4, 5, 6, ή 8 εκδόσεις μονάδων , και τροφοδοτείται...

International Review By Sabios del PC on 100

QNAP dispone de una amplísima experiencia en este sector y muestra de ello es la calidad que otorga a sus productos y la sencillez de manejo. Disponer de un Turbo Nas como el QNAP TS-469-Pro ofrece numerosas posibilidades como disponer de un...