Samsung SpinPoint MT2 1TB SATA300 HM100UI

  • Samsung SpinPoint MT2 1TB SATA300 HM100UI
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  • Nearly a Terabyte of data storage capacity, Affordable upgrade
  • Large 1TB capacity, Good power consumption, 100MB/s read speed.


  • Drive height makes it unsuitable for budget and regular laptops, Average performance

Expert reviews and ratings

By PC Advisor on 70

Getting the Samsung SpinPoint MT2 1TB hard drive is worth it, provided the following two conditions are met. One, your laptop's HDD bay can accommodate this (12.5mm high) drive. Two, you know that your need for storage capacity outweighs the need...

By PCWorld India on 73

If you want to increase storage capacity on an upper-end laptop, and are happy with normal data access speeds, the HM100UI would be of service....

By StorageReview on

The Samsung Spinpoint MT2’s saving grace is its large storage capacity – 1TB is the highest available in a 2.5-inch form factor. Otherwise, this three-platter 5400RPM drive simply can’t post competitive performance numbers compared to...

By PCQuest on

Due to its capacity and low price, the drive is ideal for usage in portable external drives.Page(s) 1 I am interested in more information about this productI am interested in buying this productPrintCommentEmailDiggDel.icio.usRedditTwitter Dell...

International Review By on

Die Samsung Spinpoint MT2 HM100UI gehört zu den Terabyte-Laufwerken mit Überhöhe. Der Test klopft die 2,5-Zoll-Festplatte auf Stärken und Schwächen ab. Besonderheit Die Samsung Spinpoint MT2 HM100UI benötigt drei...