Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid 320GB SATA300

  • Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid 320GB SATA300
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The Seagate Momentus XT packs 320GB of capacity, with 8GB of SLC NAND flash, and a SATA 6.0Gbps interface. The Momentus XT features FAST Boot, which sets aside a small portion of the solid-state cache for data used during the boot process, where it will remain for the life of the drive, so that your system always boots from flash.

Expert reviews and ratings

By NotebookCheck on

Klaus Hinum, 10/14/2010 After the unsuccessful attempts to combine hard drives with flash memory in 2007, Seagate is now trying again with the Momentus XT series. This time, a substantially larger and faster memory in combination with its own...

By Rage3D on 80

experience in many ways. It's still a little pricey, and the lack of SATA 3.0 interface is a detractor as well. If this were a desktop drive, an 8GB SLC cache would be more the sweet spot for Hybrid drives, to accommodate the larger and larger...

By Computer Shopper on 88

With speed approaching an SSD's and ample capacity at a moderate price, this "hybrid drive" is a stellar choice for boosting a PC's responsiveness on a budget....

By LanOC Reviews on 90

So you can see a performance increase with your most used files without having to pay the premium that SSD’s currently go for. It’s obvious that this will be the technology that we see filter into our larger drives. Of course, write speeds...

By OverclockersQH on

Due to the fact I summed up most of my feelings about the Seagate 320GB MomentusXT in my video I will remain succinct in my conclusion. This Products rocks. I recommend this products to anyone looking for a new driver period. Very rarely would I...

By Computerworld on

Seagate Technology this month offered up its second attempt at a drive that combines NAND flash storage capacity with traditional magnetic spinning disk media. The goal is simple: better performance at a lower cost. Seagate has yet to put out a...

By CRN on

Consider the plight of Seagate, the PC storage maker. The industry is shifting radically from Hard Disk Drive technology to Solid State Drives (SSDs), where competitors include powerhouses such as Intel and Samsung, and it just lost its first-place...

International Review By on 84

Schnell wie eine SSD, eine Speicherkapazität wie eine Festplatte: Seagate verspricht bei der Momentus XT wahre Wunder. Das gab’s zwar alles schon einmal – doch diese Hybrid-Festplatte soll nun wirklich...

International Review By Clubic on 77

Alors que l'avenir appartient sans aucun doute au SSD, le disque dur ne s'avoue pas vaincu pour autant. Western Digital fait de la résistance avec son VelociRaptor 600 et Seagate remet le disque hybride au goût du jour avec son tout...