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The DS380 is Silverstone's latest computer chassis aimed directly at users who are building their own NAS. The body of the Silverstone DS380 has been constructed of steel, while only the front door is made of aluminum. The DS380 comes exclusively in black with a brushed aluminum front door that opens to expose the eight 3.5" hot-swappable drive bays.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TechSpot on 75

Still, if you're hell-bent on building your own NAS and don't have a suitable chassis, the DS380 probably presents the best option, even if it isn't without a few kinks. From here, it would really be something if Silverstone moved to include larger 10 and 12-bay models...

By Overclock3D on 90

The upshot of course of this lack of ATX PSU support is that if you're planning to build into this case and are hoping to cannibalise an older PC then odds are it's PSU is going to end up somewhere gathering dust. But like we say, we're just being picky, and suspect that in the coming months we're going to see the number of cases requiring the use of SFX PSUs, and therefore the choices available increase steadily.

By El Chapuzas Informatico on 90

Podremos encontrar a la venta la SilverStone DS380 con un precio oficial de 149.90 euros, algo más barata una vez sea listada en las principales tiendas del sector. El precio puede asustar, pero su capacidad de almacenamiento, diseño y robustez son sus 3 puntos fuertes y seguro resultará muy atractiva a muchos usuarios.

By Tweakers on 90

Als de enige consequentie is dat je wat extra dunne kabeltjes wilt halen, of de ventilatoren op 7V wilt modden, zal je dat vermoedelijk net als ik graag op de koop toenemen, want aan elke andere alternatieve overweging hangt vermoedelijk een flink een grotere consequentie.