Western Digital My Passport Edge

  • Western Digital My Passport Edge
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  • Compact drive.
  • Speedy USB 3.0 interface.
  • Superb design.


  • Expensive.
  • Tops out at 500GB.

Expert reviews and ratings

By TweakTown on 90

Over the last few years Western Digital has taken to the drawing board, redesigning their entire external drive line-up. Nowhere is this more evident than in the Mac based portable storage, turning the My Passport into an extension of the MacBook...

By micromart.co.uk on 70

Western Digital is the first drive in this feature from a maker of bona fide full-size hard drives so, naturally, the expectation is that we'll see something high quality. So, will it be met?Mostly, yes. The My Passport Edge is a brilliantly designed...

By APC Magazine on 90

Passport Edge is a new line of drives that includes both the excellent SmartWare backup software as well as hardware encryption. We've waxed lyrical about SmartWare in...

By artiss.co.uk on 80

A lovely looking and quick portable hard drive that will compliment any MacBook. However, the lack of any kind of case to store it in and the high price (you can get 500GB USB3 equivalents for a lot less) – not forgetting that ridiculous packaging –...

By PC Authority on 83

When it comes to external hard drives you really can't beat USB 3 for the best mix of performance and compatibility. Despite the fact that Thunderbolt and eSATA are around, USB 3 holds all the advantages. It delivers decent transfer speed and is...

By HotHardware on 80

What the My Passport Edge has going for it is that it’s delightfully compact, offers a more-than-adequate 500GB capacity, and includes useful software, which is sufficient for us to confidently recommend this little backup storage unit.

By Photography Bay on

WD My Passport Edge MacThe Western Digital My Passport Edge is one of the latest bus-powered USB 3.0 hard drives out there. There are both pre-formatted versions for the Mac and PC out there, currently priced at $99 and $89, respectively.The case is...

By Hardware.Info on

The WD My Passport Edge is a nice external hard disk with decent performance. It's compact and light, and comes with lots of useful software. It's a good option for an average price of £72, even if we would have liked to see better performance.

By LegitReviews on 85

The WD My Passport Edge is a great portable hard drive that quickly backs up files and is small enough to fit in your pocket!

By PC Advisor on 90

Ignore the ‘for Mac' label of this most portable of portable hard drives. The Western Digital My Passport Edge for Mac is a highly pocketable external storage device for any PC platform, accelerated by its USB 3.0 interface. See: more portable hard...

By Computer Shopper on 70

A serviceable external USB 3.0 portable drive with a better-than-average warranty and competitive performance, the My Passport Edge is hampered only by a slightly high cost per gigabyte....

By PCAdvisor on 70

The Edge adds good looks and better transportability to the My Passport line. It's fast, but tops out at 500GB instead of the 2TB available with the non-Edge My Passport.

By PC Advisor on 70

In the WD My Passport Edge portable drive , Western Digital delivers a drive with a solid combination of looks and performance, and throws an excellent software bundle to go with it. See all Storage reviews . The 500GB Western Digital My Passport...

By PCWorld on 70

The Edge (not to be confused with the guitar player) adds good looks and better transportability to the My Passport line. It's fast, but tops out at 500GB instead of the 2TB available with the non-Edge My Passport.

By StorageReview on

The WD My Passport Edge for PC offers 500GB of storage in an enclosure that's barely taller than the USB 3.0 plug it connects to. The design looks good for a product that's a little more value-focused than the all-metal Mac brother; but even with a...

By PCWorld India on

The is the newest member of Western Digitals portable hard drive family. Its not wildly different from previous My Passport models, but the Edge does have USB 3.0 connectivity, and has slimmed down to an ultra-thin 4.40 by 0.43 inch enclosure. The My...

By MacWorld on 80

The My Passport Edge for Mac is a great drive for easily storing your files for on-the-go use. It’s thin enough to stick in your pocket as you’re walking out the door to work, and its aluminum enclosure provides a durable exterior so you know your files are safe.

By ITProPortal on 70

That said, if you're a tech savvy person who needs to convince his or her tech brain-dead relative to back up their files, the My Passport Edge is a stress-free recommendation you can give without hesitation.

By IT Pro Portal on 70

The Western Digital My Passport Edge is a good hard drive, and will serve you well if you get one. It's fast, and it comes with an impressively long warranty. However, the Seagate Backup Plus has an interchangeable interface, which is a better choice...

By cnet on 76

Thanks to its compact physical size and bundled software, the WD My Passport Edge is a very good companion for mobile users.