Aluratek Libre Air 5 inch

  • Aluratek Libre Air 5 inch
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  • Small and lightweight, Built in WiFi integration with Kobo Books, Great monochrome screen.
  • WiFi enabled, Screen auto rotates, Builtin audio media player, microSD card slot for expandable memory


  • Interface isn't always intuitive.
  • Screen hard to read without direct light, Same price range at launch as superior Kindle and NOOK, Multitap numeric keypad makes text input a hassle

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By PC World on 50

The Libre Air's petite size, wireless integration with Kobo Books, and first-rate nonbacklit LCD screen make it a decent option if you're shopping for a monochrome ebook reader....

By on 50

If giving something a so-so review because it costs money is unfair, then maybe I'm guilty of having unrealistic expectations in my assessment of the Aluratek Libre Air eBook reader. The thing is, eBook readers these days have become nothing more than...