Archos 70b eReader

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  • Built-in kickstand; Loud speakers; Lightweight design; Access to Google Play store


  • Sluggish performance including terribly slow accelerometer; Short battery life; Screen gridlines visible ; Inconsistent Wi-Fi performance; Runs hot

Expert reviews and ratings

By LaptopMag on 40

The $179 price is appealing--and we dig the kickstand--but the Archos 70b simply isn't fast enough and doesn't last long enough on a...

By T3 Magazine on 60

The diminuitive Archos 70b internet tablet is a mixed bag. We appreciated the look and feel of the device, as well as the Android Honeycomb operating system and battery life. But we just couldn’t stop ourselves being slightly underwhelmed by the...

By 5FWD on 40

The colour screen on the Archos 70b eReader may be better for flicking through photographs then, but apart from that it brings nothing to the party. We'd rather have a traditional e-ink eReader, with a much longer battery life and quick responses....

By on

Normally, in a review, we would start with a physical overview of the device and the internals before giving you a verdict. This time however, we're going to do it the other way. And the short answer for the Archos 70b eReader is this: there are...

By Expert Reviews on 60

With a resistive touchscreen, a cut-down version of Android and a slow processor, the 70b ereader is a master of no trade, but it is cheap....

By Trusted Reviews on 60

The Archos 70B eReader positions itself as an ebook reader, but in many ways it's just another budget Android-powered tablet. It has an LCD screen rather than an E Ink display, so its battery life is measured in hours, rather than days or...

By Pocket-lint on 60

The build and materials leave a lot to be desired and the screen isn’t the greatest by a long shot. But the Archos 70b sort of succeeds in being a jack of all trades: it masters none, but we can see that it’s skill set will appeal to some at...

International Review By on 70

De 70b biedt uiteindelijk perfect wat je zou verwachten voor een Android-tablet van dit prijspunt. Het is zeker niet volmaakt, maar als je dat wilt moet je nu eenmaal meer uitgeven. Alleen is de vraag of je niet beter de sprong maakt naar een of ander...

International Review By on

Si hay una marca que puede competir a otro nivel en el saturado mercado de tablets de entrada, esa es Archos . Su experiencia y buen hacer arranca en los modelos más básicos pero no renuncian a modelos de gama alta como el Archos G9 cuyo...

International Review By 01Net on 60

Cet appareil hybride, mi-tablette, mi-liseuse, n’offre certes pas le meilleur des deux mondes. Lire, regarder une vidéo, surfer ou consulter ses e-mails reste toutefois tout à fait possible et ce, de façon assez confortable. Pour 89...

International Review By Le Journal du Geek on

Archos est en perte de vitesse évidente ces derniers temps. Pourtant, la firme Française est loin d’avoir dit son dernier mot, et ne manque pas une occasion de se diversifier. La preuve cette fois avec ce 70 eReader, un eBook reader aux...