Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 inch

  • Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 inch
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  • Very bright, colorrich IPS screen.
  • Good battery runtimes.
  • Expandable storage capacity.


  • TFT's inclination angle too steep when on keyboard dock.
  • Keyboard dock obstructs micro USB.

Expert reviews and ratings

By umpcportal.com on -

The Lenovo Miix 2 10 is a 2-in-1 Windows 8.1 tablet with a keyboard dock, not a laptop with detachable tablet! You'll find out why in the detailed Lenovo Miix 2 10 review below along with details on performance, battery life, usability and quality. We've...

By PCAdvisor on 70

Its modest specification means that the Miix 10 isn't as powerful as rival tablets such as the Microsoft Surface. However, it's reasonably priced and its attractive IPS screen ensures that it works well as an entertainment tablet while still having enough power to handle basic email and Microsoft Office documents.

By Computer Shopper on 60

This attractive-enough Windows slate performs as expected for a Clover Trail 32-bit Atom device, but with the advent of Bay Trail, it's outclassed and due for a big price cut....

By PC Advisor on 70

We liked the design of HP's Envy X2 tablet , which comes with full-size, detachable keyboard that lets you use it as a proper laptop when you need to. But, at around £700.00, the X2 costs as much as a good mid-range laptop while only offering basic,...

By PCWorld on 60

I'll admit a bit of bias as I'm such a fan of Lenovo's keyboards, but that’s not enough to justify this price for a CPU that’s a generation old. While not the best, performance and battery life are very good, so if your primary concern is a good typing experience, this machine might fit the bill.

By PC World on 60

Lenovo's Miix 10 is a solid hybrid: It's comfortable and responsive, and the optional keyboard cover is a cut above. But so is the price tag for a generation-old...

By wpcentral.com on -

Overall, the tablet is fun to use and will provide a great experience to most who pick the device up, but if you are searching for the top multimedia tablet - this isn't it. We feel Lenovo was really aiming at a budget device with its Miix 10 tablet,...

By booredatwork.com on -

This is the Lenovo MiIx 10 tablet. This is a very light, slim Windows 8 tablet featuring a 10.1″ screen capable of 1,366X768 resolution, which for tablets these days is pretty typical.Being such a slim design, the Miix doesn't allow for any full sized...

By TechReviewSource on 70

The Lenovo IdeaPad Miix 10 Tablet is a fairly well-built Windows slate tablet, but it does little to distinguish itself in a crowded field of...

By 5FWD on 60

The Lenovo Miix 10 is sadly a mixed bag. While we love the physical keyboard case, some of its quirks let the whole device down and it does fall short when being used as a tablet: there just aren't enough finger friendly Windows 8 apps at the moment....

By NotebookCheck on 83

It came, it saw - but did it also conquer? The IdeaTab Miix 10 (64-bit version) does a lot of things right but also places some stumbling blocks in the buyer's way. First the good features: Only bright sunlight defeats the very bright , reflective IPS...

By TechRadar on 60

The Lenovo Miix is more than capable of serving the needs of some people, but it's a definite niche. If the question is should the average person get this instead of an Ultrabook (even a low-end one that comes in at a similar price point), then the...

By techradar.com/au/ on 60

Windows 8 coverage Windows 8 review Hands on: Windows 8.1 review 60 Windows 8 tips, tricks and secrets Best Windows 8 tablets Best Windows 8 laptops Windows 8 versions: which is right for you? All our Windows 8 content The jury is still out on super thin...

By Channel Pro on -

A lightweight, long-lasting tablet that suffices for both work and leisure, although the absence of a trackpad or stylus is an oversight Of the multifarious form factors we’ve seen from Windows 8 devices over the past year or so, none has come as...

By PC Pro on 67

A lightweight, long-lasting tablet that suffices for both work and leisure, although the absence of a trackpad or stylus is an...

International Review By eReviews on 70

Den traditionelle PC som vi kender den, taber i øjeblikket markedsandele til forhold for tablets, convertibles og smartphones, da mange måske kun bruger, eller brugte, deres PC til netbank, e-mail og måske lige til at skrive et brev engang i...

International Review By chip.com.tr on 73

Toparlayacak olursak mobil ortamlarda da rahatlıkla kullanabileceğiniz bir notebook – tablet melezi arıyorsanız Miix 10, aradığınız cihaz olabilir. Hem tasarımı itibariyle hem kullanım biçimiyle bunu ortaya koyan cihaz, genel olarak beğenimizi kazandı....

International Review By PCMweb on 80

Hoewel er een behoorlijk aanbod is van Windows-tablets, hebben er maar weinig ons hart kunnen stelen. Lenovo doet een nieuwe poging met de IdeaPad Miix, een zeer complete Windows 8-tablet, met een scherp...

International Review By Le Journal du Geek on -

6/10Note JDGOrdinaireEn définitive, et malgré quelques problèmes, la Miix 10 n’est pas une mauvaise tablette. Elle pourrait clairement être meilleure, mais aussi bien pire. La Miix 10 ne brille sur aucun point, et ne souffre d’aucune véritable lacune,...

International Review By tabletsmagazine.nl on 80

De Lenovo Miix 10 is wat mij betreft een sterke middenmoter in het Windows 8-segment. Alleen de toetsenbord cover is bovengemiddeld goed. De prijs van deze Lenovo Miix 10 is ook niet heel overdreven. 499 euro is een hoop geld maar in vergelijking met...