Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 inch

  • Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 inch
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  • Unique design with three different modes.
  • Impressive battery life.
  • Premium build quality.


  • Lowresolution screen.
  • Lackluster camera.

Expert reviews and ratings

By APC Magazine on 60

Originally selling for $399, the Yoga 10 has the same screen size and type, plus the same processor and storage capacity as the cheaper S6000. One of Lenovo's key marketing messages here has been ‘up to 18 hours of battery life', however, the fine print...

By PC Authority on 67

Lenovo's latest Android tablet boasts an unusual design. It isn't flat and featureless like most tablets, but rather features a cylindrical bulge along its bottom edge. This serves a number of purposes: it acts as a grip to make holding the tablet in...

By Gadget Guy Australia on 70

While it’s not Lenovo’s first effort, there are both things to admire and be confused at in Yoga tablet. We’re particularly fond of the battery life, and the design which isn’t just solid, but also includes a stand. But then there’s the sub-par...

By theregister.co.uk on

In line with its asking price, the Yoga 10 has a mediocre screen resolution and a mid-range chipset, but it still does everything you are likely to want a tablet to do and with a decent lick of speed. What separates it from the herd is the rather clever...

By ouritdept.co.uk on

For just under £200, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 offers a solid build, unmatched design and outstanding battery life. You also have multimode options with a rounded hinge which makes the device easier to hold. The Tilt and Stand modes are convenient when...

By TrustedReviews on 60

A pleasing design and fantastic battery life is let down by a low resolution screen and dull performance. You can do better than this for not much more.

By theglobeandmail.com on

When we...

By PC Pro on 67

Great battery life and an ingenious design, but the screen and performance are both below...

By PC Advisor on

Half of Lenovo's biggest launch of the year is its Yoga Table 10 – a multi-mode Android tablet which costs £249. The Yoga Tablet 10 looks great and the innovative design is the main selling point of this device. The wedge shape profile means holding it...

By Engadget on

Almost everything about the Yoga Tablet experience feels cheap and shoddy. A relatively budget-friendly price and spectacular battery life lessen the damage somewhat, but ultimately that's not enough to recommend this machine.

By Computer Shopper on 70

This snazzy, well-constructed Android slate employs a handy kickstand for flexible positioning and easier operation. It's a solid-enough buy, but its performance and screen resolution are a bit behind the pack....

By Computerworld on

Have you noticed that tablets are starting to feel a little mundane? You've got a rectangular slate with a large display while the manufacturer's bragging about how it's some fragment of a millimeter thinner or some fraction of an ounce lighter than...

By TechRadar AU on 50

In short, we really can't recommend the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 to anyone. It has missed its mark, though Lenovo might be onto something with this form factor. Tragically, the display is disappointing, and the sound is weak for a tablet that boasts Dolby...

By NotebookCheck on 79

The Lenovo IdeaTab Yoga 10 is an innovative tablet with just average hardware and performance. We like the integrated kickstand , which allows the Yoga to be used in various positions without the need for an additional stand. The cylindrical spine makes...

By Tracy and Matt's Blog on

Lenovo have several Android tablets on the market at the moment and we recently looked at the IdeaTab A3000.A couple of weeks ago Lenovo announced two new Android tablets to join their lineup, the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 and Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10. The two...

By Chip Chick on

The Yoga Tablet's design is a seriously welcome change of pace in a world where most Android tablets look the same. But the Yoga Tablet 8 and 10 don't just look more attractive then the average slate, their unusual Multimode design is practical too....

By Phone Arena on

Lenovo might still be trying to gain some traction in the Android tablet space, but they’re definitely getting our attention with the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10. It may not be a high powered thing that would capture the imagination of people, but the...

By The Inquirer on 70

CHINESE HARDWARE FIRM Lenovo unveiled its Android powered Yoga Tablet 10 last month, a £250 10in Android device with a built-in hinged stand that allows users to use it in a variety of...

By PC World on 50

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10 has all of the drawbacks of the 8-inch model but in a less portable...

By The Verge on 45

Sure, it’s easy to hold in one hand, and yes, I like having my tablet propped up on my desk. But I also like doing things with my tablet. And it’s in the doing things that everything about the Yoga Tablet falls apart, and sends me running back to pretty much any other tablet on the market.