Sony Reader PRS-700

  • Sony Reader PRS-700
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  • User interface is a breeze.
  • Handles PDFs like a pro.
  • Sidelights are a blessing for considerate insomniacs.


  • Screen looks better than it works.
  • Major glare kills eyes.

Expert reviews and ratings

By Wired on 60

The slick touchscreen and clean menus make the PRS-700 easy to befriend. Reading aficionados will appreciate the gesture-controlled page turns and the LED sidelights. Though the device comes with a stylus, it often responds better to your fingertip....

By PCWorld on

The overhyped and feature-heavy Amazon Kindle 2 has a challenger: The Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-700 weighs in at $400 and has some strengths, but it has encountered tough sledding going against the Kindles overall design and integration with...

By AskMen on 75

The recent marketplace of digital-book readers really boils down to two major competitors: the Amazon Kindle 2 and the new model from Sony, the PRS-700BC Reader. Where Amazon takes the clear edge in function, Sony builds on its style savvy reputation...

By Digital Trends on 80

Eyestrain, cramped fingers, sore wrists… these are the hallmarks of reading online. In fact, when doing so, usability experts assert that were not really reading at all, and flip through websites so fast that we barely even register the...

By TechReviewSource on 80

The Amazon Kindle has been taking off recently, but Sony has answered with an e-book reader of their own, the Sony Reader Digital Book PRS-700. Their model features a touch screen, a sleek design, a fast processor, and a fantastic interface....

By PC Mag on 80

The Sony Reader PRS-700 is an elegantly designed, easy-to-use device for e-book fans. As long as you can deal with the steep price and the lack of wireless book buying, its a good...

By Gizmodo on

Though it must scare the crap out of the publishing biz, we will all one day carry ebook readers. In the US, Sony and Amazon have led the way with impressive E-Ink systems that prove that digital displays can be as readable as ink on paper. For this...

By MobileTechReview on 80

As an avid book reader, Ive been a fan of the Sony Reader line of devices since the PRS-500 came out 2 years ago. With the PRS-505, released last year, things got even better-- the 505 was faster, had a whiter virtual page and even better contrast....

By The Lobe and Mail on

Great for avid readers who like to load up on books but want to cut down their burden. SONY PRS 700 Portable Reader System: $399 One of the great things about a book, as we all know, is that you can curl up with it in bed, transcend the rigours of...