Sprint Optik 7 inch

  • Sprint Optik 7 inch
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  • Inexpensive, Great screen, Comfortable to hold, Proficient performance.
  • Good build quality, Fast processor with lots of memory, Cheap, both on and off contract
  • Low initial cost; Sturdy design; Rear grips provided extra stability;


  • Doesn't ship with the latest version of Android, Occasional app crashes and full system resets, Mediocre battery life, 3G, not 4G.
  • Sluggish performance at times, No 4G connectivity, Camera performance is lacking

Expert reviews and ratings

By Android Central on

The ZTE Optik is a nice little surprise from Sprint. It's an unassuming but well-built and well-running 7-inch Honeycomb tablet that runs on Sprint's 3G network, and it is probably one of the better devices nobody has heard much about. With no...

By PC Mag on 60

If you're looking to grab a tablet with a mobile data plan, the ZTE Optik is the least expensive yet, and it doesn't make many sacrifices, with a great, high resolution display and solid performance—but don't expect the best software...

By Pocketables on

If I had to describe the ZTE Optik in one word, I'd probably use "junk." But if I had to describe the type of product it is - a budget tablet - I'd use "potential." For $99, there are a few compelling pieces of hardware in here, but the...

By Android Police on

In the end, ZTE's Optik is a decent device. It certainly doesn't set any precedents, but for a 7" tablet that costs $99 on contract, it's definitely not bad. If you don't mind a somewhat lacking video/photo capture experience and can...

By Phone Arena on 65

The ZTE Optik is cheap enough that it falls into the impulse purchase category, and users who drop $99 on the Optik will definitely get their money’s worth. It is a capable tablet that will perform all the basic tasks without issue, but if...

By LaptopMag on 50

Sprint's 7-inch ZTE Optik Android tablet would seem a steal at $99, but its flaws and data fees outweigh the...

By MobileTechReview on 60

twitter: @lisagade) Sprint's rolling out a new affordable 7 inch Android tablet, the ZTE Opik, and honestly it's a solid tablet for the money. The Optik sells for $99 with a 2 year contract and $349 without contract. That doesn't mean the...