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  • The ViewSonic G Tablet is one of only a handful of Android-based devices offering a 10-inch screen at an iPad-besting price tag.
  • Unique interface, Good split touch keyboard, Very long battery life, Strong media playback, Good selection of apps through Handango


  • Adapting the smartphone OS to such a large screen requires many custom interface tweaks that fall short. Lack of official Google mobile services and Android Market limits potential. Many third-party apps don't work as expected.
  • Sluggish performance, No Android Market access or Flash support, Google's apps not included, Downloading apps take too many steps, Can't customize home screens, Bulky, unattractive design

Expert reviews and ratings

By JusTech'n on

I am much happier with the G Tablet now that I have the new ROM. It does not fix the bad viewing angles with the screen, but it helps make it more bearable. The VEGAn crew are also working on a new version of the ROM that is rebased on the...

By JusTech'n on 75

So I really have mixed feelings about this tablet. As it stands I think there are more negatives than positives, but there is always the prospect of rooting the G Tablet and loading on a custom ROM, however that is beyond the scope of this review. So...

By HotHardware on

gTablet Performance Take-Aways: The ViewSonic gTablet delivered a solid user experience, in terms of responsiveness and performance. In our benchmarks, the device posted strong scores across all tests we threw at it. It was the fastest tablet...

By cnet on 63

The ViewSonic G Tablet carves out a unique niche among Android tablets, breaking away from the smartphone to become a type of domestic dashboard. Unfortunately, many key benefits of the Android OS are lost along the...

By LaptopMag on 50

While it packs a powerful Tegra 2 processor and offers fantastic battery life, this Android tablet's custom interface and software dampen the user...

By Android Central on

Is Tegra 2 on a sub-$500 tablet too good to be true?The gTablet is Viewsonic's entry into the sub-$500 Android tablet market. While there won't be any shortage of cheap Android tablets, readers, and toasters (we have to beat the PreCentral guys...