REALmagic Remote Control Review

With the Hollywood Plus Sigma Designs gave us what is easily the best consumer level PC Hardware DVD decoder around. The main problem with PC based DVD playback being that of convenience, while many of us have our PC located in our bedroom, we still have to sit in front of the PC & load the DVD if we want to watch it from our beds (Then there’s the obvious extra inconvenience of pausing playback & such). While those with stand alone players have a handy little remote to use. With all this in mind no doubt Sigma Designs have the REALmagic Remote Control available.

So is it any good at all, or just a novelty toy? Read on.


Listed beneath are the specifications for the REALmagic Remote Control.

Key Features

  • REALmagic DVD navigation functions in the palm of your hand.

  • For use with the REALmagic Hollywood Plus, Fullscreen DVD, NetStream 2000 & DVR.

  • Adds Home-Theater convenience to REALmagic PC DVDs.

  • Take full advantage of Interactive DVD menus with specially designed keys found on DVD players.

  • Intuitive & easy to use.

  • Supports both DVD & VCD/Karaoke playback.

  • Supports Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/Me.


  • Remote Control.

  • Infrared Module plugs into the Serial/COM port of your PC.

  • Most Recent Remote Control Application Disk.

  • 2 AAA Batteries included.

  • Updated Manual.

Here’s a shot of what the Remote Control looks like. Click on the image for an (almost) real size shot of the control itself. The Receiver is a small rectangular(ish) shaped module which connects to a COM/Serial port & has a cable length of about 4’. There’s also an adhesive pad beneath if you wish to attach it to something, e.g. the side of your monitor.


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