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taskmgr / taskmanager.exe

File Name: taskmanager.exe
Status: taskmgr should not be running at startup. It is likely a virus, spyware, trojan, or some other sort of malicious program. Use a virus scanner, and/or spyware removal tool to remove it.
Additional Info: Added by the BCKDR-QHT TROJAN!

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Startup Name Process Name Status
SysRes TASKMANAGER.exe Dangerous. Remove.
taskmanager taskmanager.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Taskmgr Taskmgr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Taskmgr tskmgr32.exe Dangerous. Remove.
taskmgr taskmgr.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Taskmgr system.exe Dangerous. Remove.
taskmgr explorer.exe Dangerous. Remove.
taskmgr [path to trojan] Dangerous. Remove.

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