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Advanced Uninstaller PRO Installation Monitor / monitor.exe

File Name: monitor.exe
Status: Having this program run at startup is up to your discretion. If you find the program useful, you may want to leave it running at startup.
Additional Info: Innovative Solutions Advanced Uninstaller PRO - "easy-to-use suite for uninstalling applications and keeping your computer fast, clean, and in its best shape"

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Startup Name Process Name Status
ENCMONITOR monitor.exe Not Necessary
Manager Monitor monitor.exe Up to You
monitor monitor.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Monitor Helper monitor.exe Up to You
OM_Monitor MONITOR.EXE Up to You
Pagis Scheduler Monitor.exe Not Necessary
Ulead AutoDetector v2 monitor.exe Unknown
802.11g Wireless Adatper Monitor.exe Up to You

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