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Machine Debug Manager / mdm.exe

File Name: mdm.exe
Status: Having this program run at startup is up to your discretion. If you find the program useful, you may want to leave it running at startup.
Additional Info: Used by developers for debugging. Those who have encountered it have unchecked it with no degradation in performance. May cause your computer to "hang" if you have MS Visual Studio installed and this disabled because it appears to take over error handling - hence the U recommendatioon. Can also be listed as MDM7. See here to disable

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Startup Name Process Name Status
load mdm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
Machine Debug Manager msdn.exe Dangerous. Remove.
mdm mdm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
MDM7 mdm.exe Up to You
run= mdm.exe Dangerous. Remove.
SVCHOST MDM.EXE Dangerous. Remove.
Microsoft Office mdm.exe Dangerous. Remove.

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